Fooling with Mr. Wrong, Can Mean Missing Mr. Right

Fooling with the Mr. Wrong too long can mean that you could potentially forfeit your happiness and miss the blessing of having a good man in your life because of complacency. So many women get comfortable in their situations and start to believe that things can’t get any better when in actuality it can.


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Here’s a question, what are the benefits of staying with the wrong guy? He’s not going suddenly wake up tomorrow and decide to pit your first and love you correctly. He won’t announce to the world that you’re the one that’s been holding him down and that he’s going to make a wife out of you. Waiting on a man that doesn’t have plans for you will have you “wasting your pretty” and your golden years.


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There’s no man out there that’s worth putting your happiness on the line. Real men possess qualities that assure you that you’re not only enough but that you’re the right woman for him. If a man isn’t doing that, then he has no plans for you, and you have to make your peace with that.


Closing old doors so that new ones could open is apart of life.  Why most of us may not want to start over, starting over is about evolving. New people, new experiences, and new opportunities will present itself, and it’s important that you allow the changes of life to take place.


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Ladies, we set the tone for the lives that we live. If you chose happiness, you would be happy. Staying in a relationship because of them, kids, personal commitment, or any reason besides your happiness will have you living in a personal prison. Sometimes, it’s those e personal reasons that will have us missing the blessing of having a healthy relationship with a man that is serious about putting us first, and making you a priority in his life.



Written By: Tamara Butler

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