Would You Forgive Your Spouse For Cheating?


Forgiveness doesn’t always come easy especially if you throw infidelity issue into the equation because let’s face it, who wants to share their partner with someone else?  Believe it or not, many men and women prefer to be in monogamous relationships but doesn’t doubt that infidelity can occur. Here’s a scenario, the spark has left your relationship, and you find that your relationship is struggling to stay afloat and your partner steps out. Would you forgive your spouse for cheating?



For me, it all depends on the situation and where we are in the relationship. If I have to go searching for clues, or I’m trying to piece together a situation, nine times out f 10, I’m already one foot out the door. If it’s that obvious, then he doesn’t need forgiveness, he needs a new relationship with the type of woman that he prefers.


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No woman wants to be approached by another woman especially when it’s about her man. Like Sis, what can you tell me about a man that’s mine besides the fact hats he’s been telling you a version of a story that has two sides and that may not be true? The answer is nothing! We can quarrel back and forth, or we can look at the situation for what it is and get out while we still can.


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What comes after forgiveness? Do you go back to the same normal routine, or swap things under the rug because he decided to stay, and you decided to turn the cheek. So many women stay with undeserving men because of circumstances not realizing that there are men out there that don’t cheat, and they are content with one woman!


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Forgiveness is for a person that has made a mistake, not a person that made a conscious decision to step out on you. While you can forgive that type of infidelity, you may never forget to, and without counseling, certain issues may linger longer than you would like.



Written By: Tamara Butler

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