Four Colored Boys : male, colored and creative

The Rise of the colored and creative male …

There’s no doubt that minorities are some of the biggest creatives in the world . From movies, to music,fashion and beyond. Colored men culture is evident almost everywhere.
For a trait basically imbedded in us, why has creativity become nearly foreign to us?

The music we listen to has become watered down and commercial. Then our women are now being pressured into flat ironing their naturally curly hair. As if that isn’t enough our men are being taught that sports are more masculine than art. And although most are turning our back on the idea of creativity as a “JOB” the young men in this article are bringing the idea of the” Colored Male Creative” back. They all come from different walks of life, distant neighborhoods and each bring something unique to the table. From clothing designer, to wardrobes stylist, PR rep and beyond. These young men are confident in being young , colored and creative. They defy stereotypes and have a message for the world. They are artists and they’re “Sensitive about their shxt…”


Sam D.Samuel “Samo” Thompson

Samo , age 25 from Houston, Texas. Sam is a creative director, stylist and fashion designer for both men and women. Known for his vintage yet current  fashion sense,Samo is a staple in the Houston fashion and arts community. With businesses like “Dineros Closet” and Purple Hollywood Sam has managed to turn his creative passion into a lifestyle.
We had a chance to chat with Sam and here’s what we found out.

Derrian : How long did you know wanted to pursue a creative career?
Sam: After graduating high school in 2009. I began designing at the age
of 18. I started with t-shirts and during my first show I deputed a full collection. It was very hectic but I knew from that day this is what I wanted to do.
Derrian: How do you plan on using your creative talents to change the world?
Sam: To be honest I just want to show the youth of the world that it’s possible to make something out of nothing with your talent. I want to give an opportunity to the next young creative that’s being over looked. You know, guide them to the right people so they can lead the next generation of talented people. I just want keep creating whether that’s designing clothes, painting, photography etc.

Sam is definitely one to watch.


Shean PR
Image By: Lee O’Connor

Shean “PR” England

Born in Baltimore, MD, Shean England relocated to New York City to pursue a career in fashion. While at LIM College, he had various internships and quickly realized that he wanted to pursue a career in entertainment after interning at Bad Boy Entertainment under Diddy’s stylist, Derek Roche. It wasn’t until Shean started working with Solange Knowles, after meticulously studying the work of her, then, publicist, Jana Fleishman, when Shean realized his career trajectory would be in entertainment PR. Shean currently works at Parkwood Entertainment under Yvette Noel-Schure, Publicist.

We asked Shean a couple of questions. His answers were electric and gave us a deeper insight on who he really is.

Derrian: How do you plan on using your talent to make the world a better place ?
Shean: Ever since I could talk, I’ve been told I talk too much! Mostly as a child. “Conduct interferes with learning” was a lingering comment on every report card from elementary to high school! I was also constantly told how funny I am and how comfortable I easily made those around me feel. I guess I was a bit of a talkative class clown, but I attribute those characteristics to me realizing my purpose.

(Interview paused as we check out Shean interview with Tyrone “Ty” Hunter for Always Pinkies Up)


In 2015, I came up with an idea to expose inner-city youth and career enthusiasts to successful industry professionals through a series of online interviews. There are so many talented and hopeful individuals who want to pursue a career as a stylist, lawyer, publicist, editor, etc, but they do not have access to those who work in their desired profession. Other setbacks such as a lack of family motivation, parental loss (physical and mental) and insufficient finances play a key factor in them not being able to maximize their full potential. A product of an inner-city upbringing, I feel it is my duty to be a voice to the unheard and motivation to the unseen. My project ALWAYS PINKIES UP is going to do just that. I recently launched it and its already taking on a life of it’s own.

Derrian: Who is someone you look up to and why ?
Shean:  Women. Specifically, Black women! I was born and raised by a Black woman and for 19 years I watched her. I saw her sadness, her struggle, her doubt and her restlessness. But most importantly, I saw her strength! My mother knew she couldn’t give up because she had mouths to feed and she knew her every move was being watched. The resilience that Black women portray through their stride, their speech and their gaze is unparalleled. Even when Black women are silent, they are powerful!

You can follow Shean on all social media platforms. On Instagram and Twitter he share a handle of SheanPR and on Facebook by searching Shean PR- NY. We can’t wait for him to unveil his project in the Spring of 2017.

C WhartonChristian Whorton

Christian a 21 year old videographer, photographer, and fashion curator from the greater Houston, Texas area is a mogul in the making. Using his entrepreneur skills , Whorton who works with top notch celebrities , hairstylists, MUAS, and television personalities has had the opportunity to take his talents to cities and states around the globe. This multifaceted young man is proving that BIG talents come from Texas.

Seeing as Christian seems to be already at the top, what else can expect from the serial entrepreneur?

Derrian: Christian , you’ve seem to be on top of things . What’s your motivation ? Would you mind telling us in a quote ?
Christian: ” Couture is an attitude, not a price point ” – Jermey Scott

Derrian: That’s Super Dope . I like that. I can tell you have a fashion influence behind you.
So tell me , tell me how long you were wanting to be a creative prior to achieving your success ?

Christian: Ever since I was young. It’s always been a goal for me. As far as I can remember I knew I wanted to work with cameras. Acting also has always been a interest of mine. Right out of high school I started working with a celebrity hairstylist. It was a fun experience. And then by age 19 I started working for TV personality Mehgan James. Working with Meghan opened me up to so many amazing opportunities and built a friendship between Meghan and I. I’ve pretty much always known this is what I wanted to do with my life .

We love Christian’s drive. We took time to stalk him on his social media. Dude had some amazing work. Be sure to check it out for yourself. Christian is on all social media with the handle @ChristianWhorton.

Four Colored BoysStephen “D’Wayne” Anderson

Best known for his forward fashions and heavily informative opinions Stephen has been making a name for himself down south. Born in Houston, Texas Stephen graduated Wiley College where he pursued a degree in Education.  Stephen knew that he was much more than your typical school teacher. A creative at heart, Stephen has his hands in a bow tie line, t-shirt line, online fashion and lifestyle blog and the social scene throughout Texas. Read below our interview with Stephen.

Derrian: Stephen, you already have your hands in so much. How do you plan on using your next project to change the world?

Stephen: I think conversation and relationships are the answer to all the issues we currently face. Hince we’re so disconnected. If I can just assist bringing people together to have these uncomfortable conversations I will.

Derrian: I agree. Could you share with us some future plans ?

Stephen: To be honest I’m still searching for my place or calling. I have a natural love for people so I know I want to help my community, gay black men, but I’m in search of how I’ll go about it.

Derrian: That’s crazy. First of all from a person whos been following you, I look up to you. I never would’ve thought. But tell me, who are some of the people you look up to?

Stephen: Honestly I look up to my peers.  First off my best friend Allen inspires me because with all the obstacles stacked against him, he never lets that detour him from what he wants in life. Nishia, for being relatable and a boss,  D-Phresh for stepping out on faith and pursuing. entrepreneurialism. It’s just my people.

In closing you can find Stephen on social media under the following handles, Instagram: @StephenDwayne Facebook Stephen Dewayne.


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