French Montana Hit with Federal Lawsuit Over Alleged Stolen Music

French Montana

Rapper French Montana is being accused of stealing music created by another man, without paying him a dime for his work and has been slapped with a federal lawsuit.

John Moronta, the producer who allegedly created the beat for “Once In a While”, claims that he handed over the track to the record label and French, but instead of paying him they created a song with French’s rapping over the track and distributed it pro bono on French Montana’s album “Excuse My French”.

Now, John is suing French and the record label for unspecified damages. There is still no response either from Montana, or from Universal Music Group regarding the case.

Moronta says they infringed on his copyrighted work and their conduct has destroyed his ability to sell or license his track to other artists, where he would have potentially made a substantial amount of money. He is suing French and the record label for unspecified damages.

TheJasmineBrand has court documents:

French French2

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