Gabrielle Union Reveals She’s Having a Hard Time Conceiving a Baby

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These days, celebrities seem to be popping out babies like hotcakes… all except a few. Earlier this year we learned that actress Vivica A. Fox has grown emotional in the past while saying one of her biggest regrets was not having kids and even Sanaa Lathan has said she’s leaving the baby magic up to God.

In a recent photo shoot and interview with Uptown Magazine, ageless actress Gabrielle Union opens up about motherhood and wanting to have a baby. Gabrielle also says even though she makes a decent amount of money working in Hollywood, she lives so far below her means that she could still maintain her lifestyle if she were to never work another day in the industry. (Kudos girl! It’s not often a celebrity can say that.)

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On having children:

I think my brain and my heart are screaming baby fever. My ovaries, however, they’re coughing up dust. Yes, it’s in my heart and in my mind, and we’ll see if my body catches up with that.

I have really awesome stepkids, so I feel equally as fulfilled. I’ve lasted 42 years without having a human being come from one of my orifices and I feel okay and fulfilled and happy. If it does happen, it’s a miracle—a medical miracle at least. I mean, we’d love to. We’ll see what my ovaries say. Cause right now they’re taking Geritol.

On living within her means:

I live so far below my means that if the career was taken away, I could get a job based on my level of education and my job skills, and I could still afford what I have. I plan ahead for the destruction, my financial ruin. I might borrow some hot sh-t, but you’re gonna come to my house and be like, ‘What happened to that dope bag that cost as much as a home?’ I borrow that. I give it right back.

I’m not broke, so I don’t have to take any old thing,

Babies are blessings and not every woman can have one. However, there are more and more stories about miracle babies being born every year. Who knows? Maybe Gabby and hubby Dwyane Wade will have their miracle baby soon.

Check out pictures from Gabrielle’s photo shoot with Uptown below…

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