Get To Know Atlanta-Based Designer Lisha Charmane

Written by. Chalise Macklin

Innovative, attention-getting, and must-have are a few words most designers would love to hear people use to describe their designs. Atlanta- based designer, Lisha Charmane’s, one-of-a-kind designs can be described in that manner. She is breaking the mold as she carves her own lane in the fashion world. Charmane is breaking the traditional fashion rules by using fabrics that other designers rarely use and pairing colors that are not often placed together to create unique, game changing pieces.


Designer Lisha Charmane

“When you see my clothes it looks like me. You know they are a part of a collection. I add my flair to everything I do. I try not to work with traditional fabric sometimes I grab wool, or textile. I like to work with unconventional material, said Lisha.


Lisha Charmane Designs

At the tender age of seven Lisha Charmane began to sew. She drew her inspiration from watching family members who enjoyed sewing garments.

“They (mother – grandmother) would have some fabric and they would create an entire outfit out of it, and they could mold it into something they wanted. They were not limited to what was on the shelf at the store and that inspired me,” said Charmane.

The buzz-worthy designer is also inspired by the 70’s, and uses her inspiration to add a unique touch to her designs.

“I take a lot my inspiration from the 70’s era. I enjoy the bellbottoms, fly collars, but also gravitate towards color. People think about what they put on now, back then they would put on anything. The print didn’t match, the colors didn’t match. It was like be you; the freedom of it (inspires her). It was an awesome time of freedom” Lisha said.

She doesn’t want you to be limited to the garments on the shelves either. You can access her clothing on social media and her website

“It (social media) plays a huge role. I got my first prom dress order from social media. You use one simple hashtag and you can open yourself up to a lot of different people. That is how I get most of my clients,” the designer said.


Lisha Charmane undeniable style

Social media is just the beginning for Lisha. She plans to do more runway shows, and offer exclusive pieces in upscale shops.

“My plan is to get myself out there more, do more fashion shows, and I want to get involved more with the community. Eventually I would like to have my pieces in boutiques where it is exclusive to certain stores,” said Lisha.

If you love wearing pieces that others won’t be wearing, that will turn heads, and not break the bank; Charmane collection has something for you.

“I don’t frequent stores or watch fashion shows because I found in the past it took away from my creativity. I try not to look at what other people are doing or what is currently out there. I try to create from within. I told my husband people don’t know what they want until they see it,” Charmane said.

But it’s not just about growing her brand with Lisha; she wants to give back to others as well.

“I’m really looking to create an organization to help young girls. To redirect, schools are teaching girls to be employees, but I think they also should be taught to be entrepreneurs. They have the option. Some people are made to bosses. I took the long route to find out I am a leader. I’m a boss. If I could teach young girls at a young age; I can empower them to be leaders. I want to create an organization that promotes female leaders and entrepreneurs,” said Lisha.

lcShe is also provides sewing lessons for those who want to learn how to sew at a affordable price.

“We should instill things into our children early. I didn’t see a lot of kids interested in sewing. I believe in helping people, “ said Lisha Charmane.

rsIf you are in the Atlanta area you can check out Lisha Charmane’s designs in person. Lisha will display a new line at the Kontrol Fashion Show this week.

“It is all new. More than anthying I think how I am able to put colors together, I love color blocking especially with black that in and of itself  allows people to distinguish my work. It is very colorful, it is fresh, it’s free and fashion forward. It is before its time. You haven’t seen it before and you can’t find it in stores. It is very creative,” said Charmane.

You can check her designs out at #ATLdesigners.

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