Keke Palmer attends the Women of the Year Awards

Keke Palmer
Keke Palmer poses in a vintage Yves Saint Laurent dress

Keke Palmer has most definitely been up to a lot as of lately. She recently release an EP titled ‘Lauren’, discussing all things love and relationships. We most definitely had to do a double take at Keke Palmer when she attended Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year Awards. She was giving us all kinds of grown woman in this particular photo! We have seen Keke grow up right in front of our eyes. All the way from when Keke was on ‘Barbershop’ till now. One thing that we love about Keke Palmer is that she is discovering herself and her fashion as she gets older. Though we have loved most of her different looks we like this one the best. We believe that with this look in particular, it will be the one that she will stay with for a while. You can tell when someone is comfortable with their style and Keke is most definitely comfortable with her short cut! She has dabbled back and forth from short to long hair but Keke, stay with the short hair girl!

So you maybe guessing what exactly is Keke wearing at this event? Well we have that information as well. Keke Palmer showed up to slay in a vintage Yves Saint Laurent number. This dress is silk black with a white collar and white cuffs. What we love about this dress is that it compliments her body figure and it is significantly appropriate for Keke Palmer! It’s just the right length and she’s wearing it with all the confidence that she brought to the carpet! So what are we thinking about Keke Palmer’s outfit? Yes, no, or hell no?! We love it but we want to hear thoughts from you all! Be sure to comment below!



Cchico Bailey

Fashion Contributor

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