The Grind Pays Off, The Hustle is Sold Separately

No two people are made the same nor do they move the same. I know this sounds super cliche but it’s the God’s honest truth. A couple of months ago there was a quote going around saying, “You have the same 24 hours in a day as Beyoncè” and it got me to thinking, I do but Beyoncè and I are two totally different people. Her grind is not mine and my grind does not equate to hers. We live in a day and age where success seems so immediate for some people but we often overlook the journey, the time and the actual footwork it took to get there.

These days we see some of our favorite YouTube and Instagram personalities getting their shine on the big screen. Simone Shepherd, DC YoungFly, Spoken Reasons, Timothy Delaghetto and Emmanuel Hudson are just a few of the ‘instafamous’ celebrities we see but never mistake their grind for their passion. They’ve all been putting in serious work to get to where they are in their respective careers. Do you guys remember the show “Helll Date”? Simone Shepherd was an actress on that show long before Vine and Instagram were even a thing. Timothy Delaghetto used to post his rap videos on YouTube before he became a fulltime jokester on Wild’n Out.

Listen, I get it. This is a microwave generation where everybody wants instant results with little to no hard work but trust me, it does not work like that. Outside of me writing for this publication, I work a fulltime 9-5, self publish my own novels and I’m a fulltime parent of two so please believe me when I say, the grind is real.

Hustle 24/7; 365
Hustle 24/7; 365

If you want success bad enough you’re going to have to embark on sleepless nights, putting in overtime, studying your ass off for your craft, choosing to put in hours on your passion versus ‘Thirsty Thursday’s and so much more but trust me, it’ll all pay off in the end. The grind pays off in due time, you can’t rush it. But the hustle should never stop.

Love Mo❤

Monique Tillman

Beyond the words, lies a young woman... A young woman filled with drive, determination, pride, passion, and an insatiable hunger for more. A young woman who is a self-proclaimed artist, but not in the sense that she can paint a mural. She's a verbal artist who paints pictures with words. Her beauty is more than skin deep, it lies within the lines of her words. And she's making a name for herself as your new favorite writer.

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