#GUHHATL Recap: Snoop Dogg Mentors Bow Wow & Brandon’s Fight with Reginae Heats Up

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta Recap
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#GUHHATL  hits another level of crazy this week! During the June 8 episode, Snoop shows up to put Bow Wow in his place after he hits up the strip club instead of the studio! Plus, Brandon’s fight with Reginae affects the entire cast! The drama is extra this week, so heres the recap!

On last week of #GUHHATL, Brandon and Reginae got into a blowout, which caused Miss Deb and the other mothers to get involved. And, Bow Wow decided to move to the ATL! So, here’s this week’s drama!

Episode 3 begins with Miss Deb scolding Brandon because he brought Reginae’s father, Lil Wayne into their argument. In case you forgot, Brandon claimed that he used to work with someone who could have “helped” Wayne’s career. OMG! Everyone who knows Reginae, knows that you don’t mess with her family.

Miss Deb tried to understand where Brandon was coming from, but she was ultimately pissed that he fought with a 17-year-old. And, well Brandon had some words for his mom on that.

So Bow’s back, and, as soon as he pulled up he tried to recruit Brandon to “hit the strip club” with him. Remember this is what Bow promised Joie he wouldn’t do! When Brandon said he was too busy, Bow recruited Ayana, who was happy to comply. Those dollars were raining down from Ayana!

Carrying on, we learned that Ayana is in a “long distance situation-ship” for two years and “bae just moved to the ATL from New York.” And, when he didn’t pick up, she warned him that she would show up at his door. Yikes. You can bet there’s more to come.

Brandon met up with Zonnique to talk about what went on at the photoshoot. She explained that she didn’t think the comments Brandon was making at the shoot [aka that she was dressed inappropriately] were cool. And, he explained that he was upset that she didn’t tell Reginae that she and him already discussed the clothing. And, then Brandon called Zonnique a “hooker.” Uh-oh. In the end, Brandon refused to apologize. AND, when they went at it later in the episode, they got nowhere. The argument ended with Zonnique leaving after she told Brandon that she wanted Miss Deb to manage her career!

#GUHHATL Zonnique meets with Ms Deb

Okay rewind,  remember when we said there would be more to come with Ayana’s “relationship”? Well, we learned that “bae [aka, Amy] is a girl… not that it matters,” Ayana said. She showed up at Amy’s apartment and started searching the place for another “b–ch.” Ayana and Amy exchanged words about Ayana’s insecurities. Ayana asked her to meet her dad, DJ Hurricane, and Any said she wasn’t sure if she could commit to that. That’s when Ayana told Amy that she couldn’t commit to anything. Ayana admitted that she is a lesbian and that it was hard to tell her parents, who still haven’t met Amy.

Remember when Bow wanted to hit up the strip club. Well, here we go. While he was supposed to be in the studio with JD, he decided to “get the vibe back” and hit the strip club instead. He claimed it was because he couldn’t record unless he got the vibe back. JD texted Bow and warned him to “know the lyrics” before he got to the studio.

And, two hours later, Bow showed at at the studio… drunk. JD questioned if we was actually ready and taking things seriously. But, Bow was confident and “this sh-t is like layups. It’s easy.” Well, when he got into the studio and didn’t know any of the lyrics, it wasn’t all that easy. #GUHHATL

Things got really interesting when Zonnique planned a “girls night,” with Shaniah and Reginae. And, Shaniah invited Ayana as a “surprise.” But, let’s remember that Ayana was at the center of Brandon and Reginae’s fight. So, you know it was bound to go down. Ayana wasn’t even at the girls night for more than a minute before Reginae gave her a smirk and called her over to chat.

Ayana admitted that she thought both Brandon and Reginae were wrong. She also explained to Reginae that you can’t just be starting fights because one day “someone’s going to knock your a– out.” Reginae actually admitted that she threw some low blows.

 In other news, Tiny called Bow to figure out how to resolve Brandon and Reginae’s fight. [This is where we saw a hungover Bow with what looked like a thong on his bed]. Yikes. They basically planned a sit-down with Brandon, so, stay tuned. #GUHHATL

In the meantime, Bow’s mentor, Snoop Dogg showed up! The rap legend gave Bow advice to keep hustling harder and to appreciate his time with JD. Basically, it sounded like a small intervention for Bow to get it together.

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for — Miss Deb’s Turkey Drive. Finally, we’re got to see the entire cast in once place, and things got crazy. Toya showed up to defend she baby [Reginae] to find Miss Deb. Things started out calm. But, when Tiny tried to intervene to help her best friend [Toya], Miss Deb told her to stop. And, that’s when Toya got protective over Tiny. The episode ended with all of the moms going at it and Miss Deb said, ” You ain’t getting under me, Toya!”

#GUHHATL Ms Deb talks to Toya and Tiny

In the previews for next week, Zonnique finally meets with Miss Deb to manage her career. And, when she breaks the news to Tiny, aka, she fires her, Tiny flips.

Also in the previews for #GUHHATL, Brandon inserts himself in some more drama and tells Ayana’s girlfriend that he doesn’t think she’s right for Ayana! And, the preview ends with the real drama, Bow’s father, Alfonso Moss attempting to come back into his life. This show keeps getting better so you definitely better tune in next week.


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