Is It Harder For Black Women to Find Love?


Black women possess tons of qualities that are not only praised but sometimes even frowned upon when dating. A friend and I were discussing some of the issues that most women face when entering the dating pool and we both came to the conclusion that it’s harder for black women to find love than any other race of women on earth.


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This may seem like a loaded opinion but just think about it. We’re not only known for being resilient, strong, independent women, but there are a few negative labels that have been thrown on us, and we haven’t been able to shake it such as being too aggressive or combative, but is that a black woman thing or and individual character trait?



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For example, we’re too outspoken, overly aggressive, loud, when in fact, all women have opinions, and it’s rightfully so. Why wouldn’t a woman choose to have an option about her life, or the world she lives in? This isn’t a “black woman” thing, this is a human thing, but we have been marked with being too outspoken by not only our men but men from other races, which makes it hard to venture outside of our race and engage in interracial dating because they only here the negative things.



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Here’s a thought. I know more black men who date white women then I do sisters who date white men. Why is that?  A few weeks ago, A Redskins player went to social media to ask a controversial question that’s set the internet on fire. He asked “Why do black athletes with money marry white women? While both men and woman offered their opinions which varied, black men were dragged for not giving black women a chance and stating that white women were easier to get along with. Of course the majority of the black women responded saying that black men were brainwashed by colorism and that black women are good enough, black men are just spoiled and only a white woman would tolerate the foolishness.


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Love is love, and people should date and marry based on who they like and what their personal preferences are, but that doesn’t mean that a particular group of women should be frowned upon because of negative opinions.  Black women are not only one of the most professional group of women, but we are out here creating businesses, starting families, and creating generation wealth for the future.   When black men began to hold their women up and praise them, then the rest of the world will follow suit.


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Written By: Tamara Butler

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