Harvard Blvd – Redefining Menswear starting with Size

Harvard Blvd- High Fashion, Trendy and sizes up to XXXL.

Harvard Blvd is the new leader of Men’s Urban Fashion. Owned by a group of brothers originally from Los Angeles, California, Harvard Blvd recently opened their first store front in Houston, Texas. The brand’s “Harvard Blvd” name is a direct reflection of the actual street the owners grew up in Los Angeles. From LA to Houston, TX , this is Harvard Blvd.

Harvard Blvd - redefining men's fashion

Size Redefined

With a plethora of fashion brands geared towards men, making their debut, there is no question men now have many options when it comes to fashion. So what makes Harvard Blvd different? According to the owner of Harvard Blvd, they stand out because of who they cater too. Their mission is “To provide high fashion, affordable and trendy clothing to men in every size”. That’s right, they’re not taking the traditional route in high fashion sizing. Harvard Blvd offers sizes up to XXXL.

Inspired By?

Sizing isn’t the only attribute that’s not traditional when it comes to the Harvard Blvd brand. When asked the inspiration behind the brand, the owners replied “We just wanted to look good”. This was quite interesting so I asked them to elaborate and it all made sense. There was no brand or clothing store that had trendy and affordable high fashion clothing for guys of larger size. They found a consumer need and ran with it.

Harvard Blvd- Redefining Men Fashion

Welcome to Harvard Blvd

Harvard Blvd opened its doors on Saturday, May 6th, in Houston TX. With a great weekend run, it’s no question of the potential the high fashion men’s boutique could possibly have. Aiming to show family and friends that a family business of its type can be successful, the owners are already eyeing a few elite names to have their products on. Houston’s own Slim Thug was the first named dropped when asked who they’d like to see in their clothing. The owner of Harvard Blvd explained, “Slim grew up in the hood like us. He is now successful and still very connected to where he came from.” He continued, “He reminds me of us and the kids in the hood we grew up with.” Outside of Slim Thug, Childish Gambino is another ideal celebrity for the Harvard Blvd Brand.

Harvard Blvd- mens fashion

What Next ?

With the store now open and the mission behind the brand set in place, Harvard Blvd is ready to set the example as the first store of its kind. In 5 years they hope to have opened other locations and hope to have inspired the next generation of their family and other entrepreneurs to take that leap of faith. Become business owners and inspire the masses! They definitely get an applaud and good luck pat on the back from us.

If you’re interested in finding Harvard Blvd online, please check out the following www.harvardblvd.com. They are also on social media@harvardblvd.

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