How My Heartbreak Forced Me into Blogging


It may sound strange, but a girl has to have an outlet for all those pent up emotions and feelings that she isn’t ready to share with friends or family. Oddly enough, strangers seem to understand my situation better more than people I’ve known your entire life. Here’s a glimpse of how my heartbreak forced me into blogging!


A bad breakup can bring a slew of emotions to the surface that you aren’t fully prepared to deal with, but nonetheless, it has to be addressed if you plan on having a successful life post break up. While it may not seem like such a big deal, or just a bump in the road, remembering that you still have to go on with life will inspire you to get it all out and lay it on the table.


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Initially, it was just quick jots of emotions and feelings that were conflicting, but as time passed, I created a haven for my thoughts.  I filled the pages with all of the things that couldn’t mention to him because of how poor our communication was with one another.  Not sure if I was afraid of being told the truth, or having my feelings hurt but there were so many things I should have said that I never did, and it plagued me day and night for months.


What was tough to say became easier to write because I didn’t have someone telling me that I was wrong or my opinion was invalid. The paper would allow me to vent peacefully and without criticism. I felt free to share even the darkest places that my relationship has taken me, and for me, that was the space that was never created in my past relationship. It wasn’t what I desired,  but what I needed.


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Writing can be good, but it’s always nice to have someone talk back. It’s great to keep in touch with friends and to share your experience, and while most of them will try to reassure you, and remind you to keep in touch, it’s something you’ll never feel comfortable sharing until you’ve made your peace with the situation. Be open, and transparent because it helps the healing process.


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Blogging has been the catalyst behind me realizing my worth and all that I have to offer in a relationship and to someone that’s deserving of my love and effort. I realized that I wasn’t asking for too much, I was merely asking for too much from the wrong person!




Written By: Tamara Butler

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