Hot or Hmmm: Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West
Kim spotted with husband Kanye West

We are back with more hot or hmmm. This time around we have none other than Kim Kardashian West. This is an interesting one. Kim’s style has most definitely evolved for the better we would say. After all she is a trend setter right? She’s went from the 2006 cheesy dress and platform peep toe heels to a simple black designer dress and calf high lace up high heel boots. We can most definitely create a color palette of the colors Kim Kardashian West has worn in the past year. We love how she keeps her accessories to a minor. It works for her. But it doesn’t work for everybody.

Kim Kardashian West
2nd shot of Kim & Kanye

So what exactly is this fashionista wearing? She’s wearing a plain black turtle neck dress, a pair of lace up black Yeezy calf high boots, a black bubble coat, and a Yeezy necklace that has still yet to be released. The funny thing with this bubble coat is we use to wear these back in 90’s. We’re not sure if Kim is necessarily bringing this look back but she sure does make it look good. Since the roberry, Kim has definitely done a lot less in regards to her looks. We’ve been getting a lot of plain simple looks from her. Aside from the white outfit she wore while shopping out in Calabasas earlier this year, this is the only look that made us do a double take. What are we thinking about this look? Do you like it? Would you wear it? Share your thoughts below!

Kim Kardashian West
More of Kim K out with Kanye
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