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So, you and your man have been dating for a while, and you think it’s time to take things to the next level.
In layman’s terms, you want him to put a ring on it; but how exactly do you do that without being too
obvious? It’s not typical to ask someone to propose  to you and giving him an ultimatum isn’t the best
option either. Besides, nobody wants to be offered a ring after practically begging for it by being demanding.
No two relationships are exactly the same as the dynamics often differ, but there are a few rules
that can apply to all unions and ultimately lead to a marriage proposal.
As a woman, you must know where you stand in a relationship and be able to effectively communicate
with your partner. The role a woman plays may vary depending on the type of relationship she’s in. The
only way to determine your role is to communicate with your partner. If you’re looking for a husband to
provide for you and start a family with, while he’s seeking a woman to casually date, then the union
is destined to fail. Your views and desires should be expressed early on so that you won’t become one
of those women who feels the need to drop hints by watching wedding themed shows on television,
or purchasing issues of Brides Magazine and leaving them around for him to notice. These types of
hints can be seen as either desperate or forceful, both of which aren’t good adjectives to describe a
bride-to-be. Try not to talk about marriage until he brings it up.

Realize that if a proposal is going to happen, it will happen. There’s no need for outside influences
or pressure. This is because pressuring a man to make a decision before he feels he is ready will
inevitably lead to uncertainty or fear. Fear causes some people to run away to avoid a negative outcome.
Now if you’ve been dating a man for over five years and he doesn’t so much as mention the
“M” word, perhaps then you should reevaluate the relationship.

Another important rule of thumb is one that is quite cliché. That old saying, “Why buy the cow when
you can get the milk for free?” applies when one is attempting to turn a boyfriend into a husband. If
a couple already lives together, has an active sex life, and the woman cooks, cleans, and performs
other wifely duties then what does the man have to look forward to? He technically knows what it’s
like to have a wife. He may see no point in spending thousands of dollars on a ring and a wedding when
he’s already content with where his relationship is. This rule isn’t meant to deter you from being the
best girlfriend you can be, but to remind you that there are certain activities that should be reserved
for later. It’s up to you to determine what those activities are. Just be sure to keep in mind that many
men are willing to date women that they don’t see as “marriage material.”
Men appreciate genuine women. While keeping your hair and makeup done may seem like a necessity,
it’s important to show him a less glamorous side of you. He will appreciate that you took the
time to let him get to know the real you. After all, that’s the person you’re expecting him to spend the
rest of his life with. Once you’re comfortable being your true self with the man you love, you are ready
for the last and most important rule to follow on the quest for an engagement ring.
When a man sees that his woman is confident and capable of loving the very person she expects him to
love, he is pleased. If there are things that you wish to change, change them. You can’t expect a man or
anyone else to be happy with you when you’re not happy with yourself. Self-assurance is key.
Following these rules will not guarantee a marriage proposal, but they’re a great start. Your relationship
must be built on a solid foundation; one that you are confident will withstand the test of time. When
you find the right person, you will know and hopefully he will too. With proper communication and
unconditional love, two people who are down for the same cause are sure to get engaged when the
time is right.