Terry Crews

During the 1990’s Terry Crews spent most of the time shuffling around several NFL teams but after retiring from professional football in ’97, Crews was suddenly back to square one. He had had enough savings for a total of six months and then after that it was all gone and Crews was left with the dilemma of what he was now going to do with a family to support.


“I was arrogant. I had a sense of entitlement,” he told the HuffPost Live’s Nancy Red on Wednesday. “I was like, ‘I’m an NFL football player, this is beneath me.‘ And my wife was like, ‘Okay, honey, but we’re not eating. We need some food.'”

So he finally took the job he thought was beneath him, and it literally changed everything.

“The first job I ever got after the NFL, I picked up a broom and I was sweeping factories. Let me tell you what happened while I was sweeping. I was like, ‘This is horrible, I can’t do this.’ But all of a sudden as I kept sweeping, something happened in my brain. I said, ‘Wow, I’m actually willing to do everything to succeed,'” Crews said. “I said, ‘Wait a minute. This is the flip side. You have to be willing to be here to get there.”

And that mindset has stuck with him ever since.

“I never feel like I made it. It’s always like I am an ordinary guy from Flint, Michigan, who hit it big. And that’s just the thing. I am no different than anybody else out there,” he said. “The thing about America is if you live in America, you can start over. You can do it.”

This article is definitely a powerful and it makes me remind myself just how quickly things can change in the blink of an eye. They say you’re never supposed to get too comfortable with anything and Terry Crews is a true testament of that. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom with us, Mr. Crews.

By Monique C Tillman

Monique Tillman

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