Why #HurtBae is All of Us and Why She a Beacon of Empowerment

We can all be judgmental sometimes and sometimes we forget that our judgements are reflections of us, our pasts and sometimes even our presents. A few months ago a video went viral on the Internet and suddenly we were all introduced to a new public figure, #HurtBae. In the video we saw #HurtBae who’s real name is Kourtney Jorge sit down face to face with her former boyfriend Leonard and talk about their past together, what went wrong and ultimately what it all resulted in. During the almost seven minute long video we saw Kourtney ask Leonard why he constantly cheated on her and in response we both saw and heard how unfazed he was by his actions. After viewing the video, many of us called up our girlfriends and dragged Kourtney to death not for being the victim but for staying with him for as long as she did. But why? Social media users had a field day creating memes of her pain and saying how dumb and naïve she was and for a moment, she wasn’t even a person to us anymore. She was just another public figure we didn’t deem worthy enough to feel empathy for.

Hurt Bae
Still from the #HurtBae video; Kourtney George and her ex boyfriend Leonard

In the beginning of this post I mentioned that sometimes we forget that our judgements are reflections of us, our pasts and sometimes even our presents. And I stand by that. Because no matter how far you’ve come and who you are TODAY, at some point in our lives, we have all been a version of #HurtBae. Whether or not you decided to stick around and be loyal to a man or woman who constantly cheated on you or whether you chose to forgive and make excuses for a man or woman who made you feel more worthless than the shit of the bottom of their shoes… We have all been there. We have all spent countless nights crying either at home alone or on the phone to our friends asking why and how we could be so dumb and stick around for the bullshit. The only difference was, there was no cameras rolling for us and there weren’t a billion eyes watching and critiquing either.


#HurtBae viral star Kourtney George

#HurtBae displayed one thing through her pain in that video. She showed courage. Who do you know has the courage to sit face to face with their ex and relive all the hurt and pain they were put through and have it filmed. TheScene’s sit down video was a form of closure for Courtney and a lot of what we lack is closure. We’re so accustomed to just up and walking away that we don’t even realize that later on down the line that shit will eventually begin to eat us alive inside whether subconsciously or not. Whether you want to admit it or not, closure is necessary because without it, it can damge our relationships in the long haul and it also alter the way we view people in general. #HurtBae is all of us like it or not. The pain comes with being human. So the next time you share a #HurtBae meme calling that woman dumb for simply being in love, remember that she took off her rose colored glasses and faced the music. When will you?


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