Iamcchico’s Look of the Week: Kim Kardashian

Kim K Look 1
Kim strolling through Beverly Hills

Kim has most definitely gotten comfortable with her Yeezy wear look. Along with the rest of the family. Every time you see them they are in sweat pants and heels. Kim, most notably more than others. We know that every time she steps out there’s a pap. If you’ve noticed they’ve stayed away a lot lately. There might be one or two hiding in the bushes or in the trees, but she’ll have space to walk and get to her destination successfully without a bunch of paps trolling her. This time around Kim felt refreshed so she delivered a refreshed look for us.

Kim K look 2
Kim leaving her destination

From the looks of things it was a sunny day in Los Angeles. Though Spring is on its way, Kim decided to give us an all black look. And we’re okay with that because she looks absolutely amazing.

So what exactly is Kim wearing?

She’s wearing bustier, dark denim pants, and a pair of snake skin strap heels. She’s even giving us a different look with cutting her hair to her shoulders. What are your thoughts on this? She previously stated that her inspiration behind the straight black hair was, in fact, Naomi Campbell. But we have to say, we like the short cut a lot better.

Kim K look 3
More of Kim, arriving at her destination

When you don’t need to wear a belt with your jeans, you’re most definitely in tip top shape. In our opinion, Kim is definitely wearing this look. Thats why we gave her the look of the week! We’re happy to see that she woke up on the right side of the bed. Kim! If you’re reading this, we need more of this, less sweats! What are your thoughts? Comment below and let us know what you think!

Cchico Bailey

Fashion Contributor

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