Introducing…KONTROL HOMME and Avery Wilson!

We are excited to introduce to you Kontrol Homme… Kontrol Homme is our new bimonthly digital publication that is the definitive destination for affluent, successful, and fashion-forward men that are passionate about high-end men’s fashion and is seeking to curate a more refined lifestyle.

Kontrol Homme’s exacting filter guides readers to the very best in fashion, grooming, fitness, design, and entertainment. With inspiring, actionable information, thought-provoking ideas, and sophisticated imagery, KONTROL HOMME will be the online source for the young and hip, the fashion-and-culture obsessed. KONTROL HOMME represents today’s man that is on the leading edge of contemporary culture. So for the first issue we are proud to introduce to you Avery Wilson.

Avery Wilson for Kontrol Homme

The 1st issue; The Debut Issue, features articles on what to wear for street style, Winter Workout tips, traveling in, and an insightful interview on the man behind the music Avery Wilson and Rob Riley. Checkout Avery Wilson’s cover  and some of what he had to say below. 

Avery Wilson captured the hearts of the American public at the age of sixteen in 2012 as a contestant on season 3 of The Voice. Before Avery graced the small screen, he showcased his talents in his hometown of Hamden, Connecticut performing at one of the McDonald’s his dad was operating at the tender age of eight years old. “I didn’t have anywhere to go and performing got me out of my shell. I had no interest in singing, I was playing sports and my dad brought that out.” Avery comes from a low key musical family. His mom’s brother sings and dad plays instruments. He’s always been surrounded by great music.

Who is Avery Wilson today? He’s a dreamer, a go getter, songwriter, vocalist that offers the musical world a young, fresh, colorless, progressive and global sound. His musical influences are Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Donny Hathaway, R. Kelly, Usher, Jazmine Sullivan just to name a few.  “These are singer singers. Listening to these types of artists has given me a voice and they’ve rubbed off on me. These aren’t get by kind of artist, they give what they have to the world.”  Stepping outside of the shadows of The Voice, Avery now has the opportunity to express himself. “I’m more than just a ballad singer. When I was on The Voice I wasn’t able to open up to everything I wanted to do. I play keys, the guitar, I dance and now people get to witness who I really am. You can see tremendous growth in my music. How I feel about love and real topics that I’m going through.” Now twenty, Avery feels more like an artist and wants the world to see a different side of him. “I was in a contestant role three years ago. I didn’t know who I was and didn’t know what I wanted to do. Not only as an artist but also personally. That was my first experience being on TV around the lights and cameras. It prepared me but it wasn’t who I was.”

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Photography by Allen Cooley, Grooming by Kwame Waters  Stylist: Julian Lark & Sakeya Donaldson

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