[Teaser] Who’s Ready for Season 2 of ‘Insecure’?

“How could she,” were the only words anyone could muster after Issa made the foolish decision to cheat on her boyfriend of many years, Lawrence. In season 1 of Insecure, writer and lead actress, Issa Rae, made our hearts drop and skip a few beats. I can only imagine how many near death moments will have in season 2. At one point we all contemplated, well maybe Lawrence had that coming. For starters, he forget her birthday. The one day a man never should forget when it comes to his lady.  To add more fuel to the fire, Lawrence was unemployed for not one but four years! Could you imagine supporting your significant other for four years?

Season 1 of ‘Insecure’, Issa and Lawrence share an intimate moment.


Not only are we here for the storyline , Issa’s humor, and her gangster rap sessions in her bathroom mirror, but the fashion. Hands down, Yvonne Orji’s character Molly is the perfect combination of Tony Childs and Whitley Gilbert. In the show Issa’s best friend, Molly, is flawless from head to toe. While Issa is content in her Converses , Molly is ready to hit the runway in her Fendi pumps. Though they are complete opposites, Issa and Molly come together in the best and worst of times. After Lawrence packed his bags and walked away from Issa for good. Like a great friend, Molly was there to pick up the pieces of Issa’s broken heart.

'Insecure' Season 1
In season of ‘Insecure’, Issa and Molly share a heartfelt laugh.

Insecure Season 2

During the last episode of Insecure season 1, Isaa gave us a glimmer of hope. That glimmer quickly trickled away when the season ended with Lawrence sleeping with Tasha, the Bank Teller . There are so many questions circling around season 2 of Insecure. Will Issa and Lawrence rekindle their relationship? Will Molly find love?  The highly anticipated comedy series, Insecure, returns to HBO on July 23rd. In the meantime, click the link below to watch the teaser of season 2.

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