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Italian Leather


The Classic Style That Will Never Go Away

When dealing with leather, buyers are usually set on a specific theme or concept when it comes to decorating. Whether it’s a neoclassic feel or even a more eclectic atmosphere, Italian leather can help you achieve that aspiration. The experience, feel, and texture of Italian leather can give the consumer the luxurious comfort they crave. This specific type of leather originates from the hide of the ostrich. By obtaining leather from this type of bird, bumps are larger on the material creating a “goose bump” pattern. Because of this, the leather is much more durable versus leather made from the hide of cows. Such designers like Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Prada choose to use Italian leather because of this simple fact. Italian leather is known for its quality of craftsmanship. Also referred to as “full grain” leather, the need to sand down and fix any imperfections has been eradicated. As it ages, it gains a beautiful sheen. Consumers are more interested in the resilient material instead of other leather that may not last as long. To complete the “classic” look, try pairing some paintings from the neo-renaissance period and some earth-toned lamps to create a traditional warm feel to your living room. Rugs with abstract designs can really tie the atmosphere together. Even though the price tag on Italian leather may be steep for those on a tight budget, with the right ideas and planning, anyone can attain this specific  look.