Jessica White: The Spirit Behind The Splendor

Supermodel. Entrepreneur. Activist. All of these things describe high fashion model, Jessica White, but what many don’t know is beyond her physical beauty lies a spirit within more lovely than any could merit.

Jessica White started modeling at age 12 when she was scouted in her hometown of Buffalo, New York and by age 16 she was living alone in Paris and considered one of America’s top models and sex symbols. Though she matured quickly and wasn’t able to have much of a childhood, she never felt she was lacking anything for she says she knew what she was destined to be long before she was discovered.

“I was so focused and so driven,” White said. “I was singing in a girl’s group. I was in ballet. I was in theatre. I was really active in the arts from infancy and I always knew this was my path.

White has accomplished plenty in her 20 year career and know she’s inspired young women who wish to one day follow in her footsteps. Like many, White learned a lot of things through trial and error and considered her agent, Kyle, as a saving grace during some of the roughest times in her life. Her advice to those who want to succeed in the business: Get a good agent.

“Get a really good team around you and trust them,” White said. “Listen, and trust your agent. Get a good business manager and keep God first because you’re going to need him.”

Jessica White

From Maybelline to CoverGirl, Jessica White knows a thing or two about beauty products and how to look flawless at any occasion. She created her own skin care line, Devise Beauty, for women of color to tackle issues such as scarring and help heal and enhance women’s natural beauty. Looking at her, you would think White is drinking from a fountain of youth and for her it’s all about what she consumes that keeps her looking fresh and glowing.

“Diet is everything. What you put in your body will start to show up in your skin,” White added. “I drink a lot of alkaline water. Water is key.”

White is on a fish and vegetable diet and considers herself a part time vegan. She also uses old remedies like coconut oil crediting her grandmother who believed that there were healing properties in raw coconut oil. Surprisingly, White doesn’t wear much makeup and meditates regularly because she feels her spiritual being must aligned with her physical.

“I pray a lot and constantly make sure I’m enlightening myself,” White noted. “You can’t be so into how you physically look without being emotionally and mentally healthy.”

Jessica White

Recently, Jessica White changed her name to Jypsy White and many acquired her reasoning behind it. She says her mom would call her a gypsy when she was younger because she was such a free spirit and enjoyed the outdoors. According to her, she’s always been this way but felt she couldn’t act on it due to her profession. However, in 2014, White went to LA for the Oscars and began living in her true form and from there Jypsy White was born.

“I felt my ancestors were calling out to me to get to know myself,” White said. “I went down this spiritual journey and found myself, my hobbies and what I like to do. My creative juices started to flow and my lifestyle changed. I started to live a Bohemian lifestyle to the fullest and that’s where I felt most comfortable.”

Growing up as a preacher’s kid can be tough and for White there was no exception. Though some may consider her career to be secular and scrutinize her for it, White’s love for God never kept her from attending church. However, the older she became, she realized she didn’t like the organization of church and considers it to be counterproductive.

“When I removed myself from church entirely for a few years, I got closer to God because I wasn’t depending on the praise and worship team and music to get me to an intimate place with God,” said White. “Now, I hear his voice clearly and I trust God’s voice. It’s all about personal relationship and trusting that God exist and that he will work his way through your life.

Jessica White

Jessica White recently discovered her God given name which is Faith. She shared the news on her Instagram saying “I’m fully reborn and can now walk in my God given purpose.” Her purpose is from a gift her late grandmother gave her and White now feels she’s ready to operate in that gift.

“My grandmother was French Creole and was a seer and when she died my uncle told me that I had her gift,” White explained. “She had been training me from infancy and cultivated this gift, and as I’ve matured, my gift has been very active.”

White says she’s very down to Earth and trustworthy which are essential to being a seer. She talks to everybody and when she does, God gives her intimate things to say in order to help cultivate their relationship with God.

“There’s a lot of hurt people out here and because I have been hurt so much and God has truly healed me I can empathized,” said White. “God has given me his heart because the only thing I care to do in this life is to help bring healing back to broken people. Whatever I do moving forward will be in the realm of helping and healing.”

In the realm of helping others, Jessica White uses her platform to be an advocate for all injustices in society especially women’s issues. She created the Angel Wings Foundation and is constantly using social media as a means to use her voice. Shockingly, White normally would keep her opinions to herself but felt in the last year something compelled her to start speaking her mind.

“I’m not going to sit back and watch the youth destroy themselves and have other celebrities not be responsible,” said White. “I don’t just check others. I check myself even harder because I take it very serious. The youth needs us to be an example right now.”

Jessica White

White sometimes find herself being in the middle of a controversial debate when she voices her opinion but says she’s working on not always calling people out in public but rather talk to them directly in private in order to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. However, she is passionate about celebrities taking a stand and understanding that even though some may not feel like it (i.e. Lil Wayne), they’re looked at as role models and should be mindful of what they present.

“They say an artist is the closest thing to God and if that’s the case then we have to be responsible. Sometimes we have to have moments like that in order to see ourselves and God has ways of showing us ourselves so we can work on it.”

Of the various topics White discussed, her support of presidential democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, was one. Like most, White’s response to Donald Trump being elected was one of sadness even though she says she knew he was going to win all along. Her main concern now is the healing she feel is much needed in America.

“How do you teach faith and hope to people when this happens,” White asked. “The only thing you can do in this life is live, meditate, love and repeat. If God allowed Trump to be president it’s for a reason and we have to accept that.”

When she’s not on Twitter or TV, she’s creating music for her upcoming album that is set to be release April 2017. The album will consist of live music with an urban rock feel with visuals to accompany it.

“I’ll probably end up doing only one album because it’s my life story. It’s going to be controversial and creative. It’s going to really make a statement.”

Jessica White

Earlier this month, Jessica White tweeted, “I can’t imagine leaving this Earth without accomplishing everything I want and need to do.” When asked what she still needed to accomplish, White described a list including going on a musical tour, writing and directing three films, creating an art book, writing a cookbook, establishing her own modeling agency, and finding time to squeeze a marriage and kids into the mix.

“I’m never satisfied,” White declared. “My dreams are always evolving the older I get. In some way I would feel like I failed God. If he gave you the desires, he gave you the capabilities of getting it done.”

Aside from her music, White is currently working on a documentary that she says is the first of it’s kind and will make people uncomfortable.

“I want it to provoke thoughts. It’s time for us to wake up as a people and this is what this documentary is going to do.”

To stay updated with Jessica White, follow her on Instagram @IAmJyspyWhite.

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