Jordan Peele on “Get Out”

Emmy Award winner Jordan Peele is breaking away from his comedic roots and branching out into the genre of horror with his latest film, Get Out. The movie tells a tale of an African-American man, Daniel Kaluuya, who visits his European-American girlfriend, Allison Williams‘s, family estate. During their visit he learns that a number of African-Americans, have gone missing from the family home, which prompts him to ‘get out’, as soon as possible.

During an interview with radio personality, Big Boy, Peele explained why he chose not to portray the film in a comedic light saying, “There’s a thin line between comedy and horror and with this one, the premise is kind of satirical and I think the comedic version of this movie, is probably too over the top so I had to make this, as grounded a thriller that I could.”

Peele says that with all of the current racial divides in our country, the movie is probably more important now than he intended it to be. “This movie is about racism. Obama was in office when I wrote this script and we were in this climate where it felt like it was taboo to call out racism. People try to say we’re in this post-racial America. So this movie was me showing why we are not. Obviously now, there’s no mistake.”

This may be Jordan Peele’s directorial debut with horror films, but he says he will always return to comedy with his best friend and Key and Peele partner, Keegan-Michael Key. “Working with Keegan is magic. I’ll never be able to find another. To me he’s the best comedic actor that’s ever existed. He’s also an amazing dramatic actor so I know he’s going to take some turns doing that. We’ll always come back.”

Get Out is currently showing at 2,773 North American theaters and has grossed $28 million since its opening night.

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