Kanye takes the Kardashian lead and steps into the cosmetics business

Kanye West and Kylie Jenner Cosmetics From clothing to cosmetics. Is Kayne West looking to take over the men’s grooming market? Watch out Kylie Jenner, Kayne is coming for you.

According to TMZ- which, in some, okay most cases is never wrong -Kanye West has taken steps legally that reveal plans for launching a line of “makeup, perfumes, toiletries,  lotions and other cosmetics”. Kanye and DondaWest has filled the application to start production of the line under the moniker DONDA. The name Donda comes from Kanye’s beloved mother whom he lost in 2007.

After his success in music and fashion it seems Kayne is taking a page out of the Kardashian handbook. Can Kayne have the same success as his 19-year old sister-in-law Kylie in the cosmetic industry? We’re anxious to find out. Kylie last year made an estimated $18 million dollars thanks to her cosmetics line. Not bad at all . We’d be taking cues to.

Following in the footsteps of Tom Ford, Kayne wouldn’t be the first male to step into the men’s grooming and cosmetics business. Back in 2016 the men’s grooming business earned an estimated revenumens grooming and cosmetics graphe of $21 billion dollars.  That’s enough proof needed to know that this is a savvy business move for West, who just last year admitted to being in debt by $53 million dollars.

If cosmetics wasn’t enough, sources say that Kayne has plans on being the “Next Martha Stewart”.  Gender rules aside and dollar signs in sight, Kanye plans include making DONDA a full lifestyle brand. So after bathing in in fragrances by Kanye,  you could be sleeping in bedding by him.

Kayne West Donda Plans Via TwitterWe not mad at you Ye. Be like the Kardashians, they are cashing out.



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