Konfident Kurves: Can Curvy Girls Rock Ruffles?

Hey Kurvy Kuties!!

Today I want to talk about ruffles.  Yes, the title of this story is a rhetorical question, that we all pretty much know the answer to.  The answer is Hell Yeah!!!!  Not only can curvy girls rock ruffles, they also look fabulous on curves!  I say this confidently now, however there use to be a time (not long ago), when society would tell big girls what not to wear.  Ruffles was a fashion no,no on that continued list.

Can Curvy Girls Rock Ruffles?

Now the evolution of the curvy woman is continuing to evolve.  We no longer let society put us in a box and tell us what we can or can not wear.  I’ll admit,  I use to be one of those people who shy away from ruffles.  I was so programmed into thinking that since I already had a large body, why would I accentuate it with ruffles? I use to think they would make me look bigger.  That was a sad mind set to have back then, but thank God I am now free!  I just wonder how many other curvy girls out there, had allowed society to put your mind in fashion prison.

Fast forward to now,  can I take a moment to express how much I am a fan of ruffles.  This sexy and romantic detail, highlights pretty much any garment.  We see the popular fashion trend more on decorating necklines, off the shoulder looks, and layered along dresses and skirts.  The cool thing about ruffles, you can be bold with it or keep it soft and feminine.  I love a well placed bold ruffle that frames the face and creates a sleek look.

So curvy girls, yes we can rock ruffles and look damn good while wearing them.  If you are that person that has been afraid to step out of your comfort zone, now is the time to be free!  Thanks to the growth of the plus size industry, we have so many fashionable options available to us now.  Just in case you need a little ruffle inspiration, check out a few of my favorite picks below.

Fashion Inspirations

Eloquii Ruffle Overlay Wrap Dress

Eloquii Overlay Wrap Dress with Ruffles

Fashion Nova Stuck On It Ruffle Jumpsuit

Stuck On It Jumpsuit with Ruffles from Fashion Nova

City Chic Blackberry Lace Up Ruffle Dress

Blackberry Lace Up Ruffle Dress

City Chic Saloon Baby Ruffle Dress

Saloon Baby Ruffle Dress

Eloquii Flare Sleeve Ruffle Hem Dress with Applique

Flare Sleeve Ruffle Hem Dress with Applique

Eloquii Asymmetrical Hem Ruffle Skirt

Asymmetrical Hem Ruffle Skirt

I hope you enjoyed today’s roundup, which looks are your favorite?  Make sure to follow us on @Kontrolmag and tag #KonfidentKurves, so we can see how you rock your ruffles.

Until next time, “Always rock your confidence, it looks good on you!”


Your Curvy Fashion Editor (@CurvesInTheStreets)


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