Konfident Kurves: How To Stay Warm And Stylish In Fall

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As the temperatures continue to drop and the fall season is in full effect.  We can’t help but to embrace the winter chills that are surely on the way.  During the fall and winter seasons being stylish may not have been a priority in the past.  However with fashion continuing to evolve each day, we shouldn’t have to sacrifice our good looks and style picks just to keep warm.

How to stay warm and stylish
Credit: Rue 107

I remember (not too long ago), when big girls only had options of bulky unattractive sweaters, basic colored sweat shirts and pants, and unflattering denim as options to dress stylish in the fall.  But, thank God times have changed and we are continuing to see progress in the plus size fashion industry.  We have plenty more fashionable options to choose from these days that will help us excel our goals of staying warm, while still looking fab in cool weather.

So how do I stay warm and stylish for fall?  Oh, I’m so glad you asked!!  We should all be aware that layering will be our number one task to keeping warm.  How you layer and the choice of garments used to layer during fall will be what separates your style from being boring to chic!  Check out my style tips below on how to stay warm and stylish in fall…

How To Stay Warm And Stylish In Fall

1. Invest In A Fabulous Coat

How to Stay Warm And Stylish
Credit: Ashley Stewart

Not only should you invest in a great coat, but it should be fabulous!  We have many fashionable options to choose from Pea, trench, leather, faux fur and more. Why not let your coat be the center of attention as you keep warm underneath.


2.  Find A Hat That Fits Your Personality

how to stay warm and stylish
Credit: Kristine of Trendy Curvy IG @mskristine

Just like grandma use to say back in the day “Keep that head covered!”  Keeping your head warm will definitely help your body stay warm.  So don’t opt to pick a hat that is not flattering.  Rock a cute hat!  Do you like beanies, snap backs, fedoras, sparkles or studs?  Finding that perfect hat that fits your personality is a great way to stay warm and stylish.


3. Choose Attractive Base Layers

how to stay warm and stylish
Credit: Cece Olisa at Curvy Con IG: @ceceolisa

Sometimes we don’t always put emphasis on what’s underneath.  However, paying attention to detail can set you apart from average.  The next time to you wear a turtle neck or button down shirt underneath…, choose warm and vibrant colors and/or prints. Also, wearing tank tops and camis with lace details underneath your clothes is another great way to add style to those layers.


4. Let Your Scarf Stand Out

how to stay warm and stylish
Credit: Eloquii

Because wrapping your neck with a scarf is also essential to keeping warm.  Why not let it be a stylish one! For a cute and chic look, try wearing a solid color outfit with a scarf that stands out.  Leopard, stripes, or a plaid colored scarf, are all great choices to choose from.


5. Use Thigh High Boots As Leggings

how to stay warm and stylish
Credit: Eloquii

For your next street style look, why not turn heads in a pair of thigh high boots. This look is uber chic with a cute sweater or t-shirt dress.  As an added shield of warmth, you can still wear tights underneath to keep away the cool air.


6. Glam Up Your Sweatsuit

how to stay warm and stylish
Credit: Rue 107

The next time you step out in your warm and cozy sweatsuit, show off your style by adding a pair of stylish boots or heels.  Gone are the days of just wearing sweats and sneakers.  Get glam and fab, just like this look from Rue 107,  is great for staying warm and stylish!

Kuties, are you currently staying warm and stylish this fall?  Which trends are you currently rocking?  I would love to know!! Make sure to follow us on IG @kontrolmag and @konfidentkurves , we would love to see how you are staying warm and stylish while using #KonfidentKurves.  Happy Slaying!!!

Written by: Tammy Davis (@CurvesInTheStreets)


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