Konfident Kurves: The Top 5 In & Out List

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Spring is finally here, Yay!!  Although I must say winter was pretty good to us for the most part.  Spring is definitely my favorite season, it’s not too cold and not too hot, it’s the perfect weather to get your style on.  Since there are so many cool and chic trends out, I had to fulfill my duty to keep you updated on the top 5 In & Out trends for the season.  Now let me give a disclosure before I start, “I am a firm believer in making fashion whatever you want it to be.  Honestly everyone has the right to wear whatever they want and express their personal style.”  With all that being said… Let’s jump right into the Top 5 In & Out List for the season!

Spring Fashion Top 5 In & Out List

What’s In:

  1. Athleisure

Timothy Snell and Always For Me AthleisureTimothy Snell X Always For Me

We are continuing to see this trend grow and grow, meaning it’s not going away anytime soon.  Athleisure is a trend in fashion in which athletic gear can be dressed up and/or worn to the gym.   Almost every week a new athleisure line is being dropped from major retailers and designers.  I was so geekd to hear this week, that celebrity stylist and Mr. “Man Behind The Curves” himself Timothy Snell, has released his first plus size swimwear and athletic collection with Always For Me.  I am really digging his new collection and the whole athleisure movement in fashion!

2. Stripes

Ashley Nell Tipton Striped shirt available at JC Penney

Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique+ available at JC Penney

Not only are stripes still trending, they are getting bolder and more colorful also!!  For the longest we have heard the myth that plus size women can’t rock stripes…. Lies, lies, lies!! Anyone can rock stripes and they especially look great on Curves! This season expect to see more beautiful and bold stripes.  I love how Project Runway Season 14 winner Ashley Nell Tipton incorporated a bold and soft pink striped shirt in her new spring collection with JC Penny for the Boutique + line.  The picture above is so chic and feminine.

3. Patches

Addition Elle patch denim jacketAddition Elle

Just in case you haven’t noticed,  embroidered patches are trending!  Cool statement patches are showing up on denim jackets, shirts, jeans… pretty much everything.  The great thing about patches, you can save your coins and purchase a few patches yourself,  just add them to your favorite garments already in your closet.  It’s a great way to show your creativity and to still be on trend for the season!

4. Cold Shoulder

City Chic Cold Shoulder TopCity Chic

The cold shoulder trend is actually one of my favorites.  It’s so chic and gives that hint of sexiness.  We are seeing the cold shoulder trend being incorporated more in shirts, dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers for the season.  So don’t be afraid to show off those sexy shoulders!!

5. Romantic Edge

Forever 21 Romantic edge trendForever 21

This season it’s all about adding a edge to those sweet and romantic looks.  We have seen it on the runways of New York, how designers are turning up the romantic looks buy adding statement jewelry, showing more skin, and mixing with leather pieces.  So it’s okay to let the good girl out of the closet this season, to live and have fun!!

Now that I have highlighted what’s in, check out the Top 5 Out List….

What’s Out:

  1. Corsets

Tess Holiday in corsetAlthough I love me a fierce corset or two!!  This season is all bout showing the actual bra and stomach…. Designers are putting more emphasis on long line bras and cropped tops.  So I’m not telling you to throw away those corsets but it’s okay to keep them in the lingerie drawer for now.

2. Plain T-Shirts

plus size plain t-shirtSo if your T-Shirt is not making a statement, your really not trending right now…. Gone are the days of a basic tee.  I know that we have always been told to keep a basic t-shirt in our wardrobe, but this season is all about self expression and I don’t see this trend slowing down anytime soon.

3. 4-5 Inch Heels or Higher

4-5 inch heels or higherHey I love my high heels too….. However, comfort is the new trend right now.  Sneakers are the new heels and designers are adding everything from glitter, leopard, satin, and fancy patches to dress them up.  Just in case you have to wear heels, try out the new block heel trend.

4.  Mom Jeans

mom jeansIf you are still wearing mom jeans it’s just time to upgrade….. Every now and then I may catch someone out in these streets wearing mom jeans.  You know the jeans that really don’t flatter the waist and are either too short and rolled up at the bottom.  Fashion is continuing to evolve and there is no reason why we can’t find a cute or edgy pair of jeans to compliment our shape in 2017.

5. Sweet & Romantic

Sweet and romantic look

Just like I mentioned above in the “In List” sweet and romantic are out of the door this season.  I know spring is all about flowers and dresses, just make sure to add a little edge to that dress.  You will notice more dresses and maxis being paired with hip bomber jackets this season.

Well this concludes this week’s roundup of the In & Out List.  Make sure to comment below and share with me your thoughts on what’s in and out.  Also feel free to share your pics on IG using hashtag #kontrolmag and #konfidentkurves

No matter what the latest trends are, don’t forget to…. “Always rock your confidence, it looks good on you!”


Your Curvy Fashion Editor ♥


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