Kontrol Homme Radar: Button It Up x Zara Fall 2013

Last weekend, I headed over to the Zara in Herald Square to check out some of the current trends they’re pushing this fall and was overwhelmed by their outerwear assortment. Let’s just say they’ve turned things up quite a few notches. I came across three garments, in particular, that caught my eye and before I knew it, I was trying each one on.

The first was this black pea coat with a belted, shearling collar. Masculine and on the more conservative side, I felt great putting this bad boy on. Despite being a bigger, thicker coat, it was really comfortable, fit my frame well, and felt like it would do a great job keeping one warm. Looking past the functionality, the extra details in design elevated this piece for me. The belted straps and black wool lining along the lapels and collar reminded me of a Burberry Prorsum shearling (only at a much more affordable price).


zara 1 i

zara 1 ii

zara 1 iii

The next (and probably my favorite) is this parka with the contrasting collar. I’ve been in love with this style of coat lately and my heart skipped a few beats as I tried it on. Like the pea coat above, it’s super comfortable and fit well. I’m a big fan of pockets and this coat is packed full of them, both inside and out. The shearling collar and paneled design on the body and sleeves are perfect. Plus, I believe the collar is detachable for those of you looking for a more conservative look.


zara 2 i

zara 2 ii

zara 2 iii

Finally, this faux leather & knit jacket is probably the “coolest” of the three and something for the younger shopper. The contrasting fabrics make this a really interesting piece. The sleeves are viscose with a smooth polyurethane coating (in other words, the faux leather), while the body is polyester and wool, with the back of the jacket shifting from the thicker fabric into a knitted acrylic material. My favorite detail is the toggle buttons on the front. Made in a beautiful ivory, horn-like design, they add a nice pinch of luxury to the look.



zara 3 i

zara 3 ii

zara 3 iii

If you haven’t gotten your hands a few jackets for the season yet, you know where to head! Check out Zara.com now to browse the assortment.

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