Kontrol Homme Radar: Versace, Versace, VERSACE!

While most of the fashion industry moves toward minimalism, a few of our favorite male celebs are endorsing more of an extravagant look. Maybe I missed the memo about Versace SS14 being the go-to collection for men this season, but it’s been all over the celebrity style blogs these past few weeks. The Digital Barocco Print pieces, in particular, have led to some interesting style moments for Rick Ross, Scott Disick, and James Harden (of the Houston Rockets), while Jamie Foxx took a different direction with the “Chains” and “Floral Medusa” printed t-shirts.

Personally, I lost interest in the over-the-top, super flashy graphics after Summer 2012, but apparently the trend hasn’t died yet (no offense to anyone who’s currently wearing something kaleidoscopic or obnoxiously embellished). Maybe Migos & Drake gave the House of Versace a whole new set of cool points. Whatever the case, the brand is off to a hot start this season and I’m sure we’ll see plenty more of these fanciful pieces in the coming months. Check out how the guys wore their pieces and where you can snag some for yourself!

[Rick Ross in Versace Digital Barocco Jacket, $1645 USD]
(check out the sneaker action too! $1125 USD)



[Scott Disick in Versace Digital Barocco Shirt, $1325 USD]


[James Harden in Versace Digital Barocco Shirt (he was playing twinsies with Scott)]



[Jamie Foxx in the Versace Chains Printed Tee, approx. $608 USD]



[Jamie Foxx in the Versace Floral Medusa Printed Tee, $725 USD]

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