Kontrol Homme Report: Chill Out. UNTUCKit.

This weekend, I headed over to Bounce Sporting Club in Chelsea to check out the UNTUCKit Pop-Up Shop hosted by NY Rangers Center Brad Richards. The venue was live with sports fans, rounds of beers, and good clothing. To bring you up to speed on what UNTUCKit is, the idea behind the brand is [redefining casual]. Meant to be worn untucked, the line is packed with shirts that fall at the perfect length for any guy using precise measurements and a unique sizing chart so that you’re comfortable and stylish, yet still appropriately dressed for all of your after-work activities.

When I was first introduced to the brand, I instantly appreciated what they were all about. As a guy with a swimmer’s body (tall and lean with a long torso), lifting my arms too high or bending down even slightly can leave me flashing the crowd, which is something no gentleman should be okay with. It’s nice to know that brands are starting to offer solutions to this problem. For the guys that fall below the 6′ line, it can be just as irritating trying to find a shirt that doesn’t swallow you up alive. UNTUCKit takes care of that problem. Head over to their website now to check out their wide assortment of tees, polos, knits, and button-downs.





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