Kontrol Homme Report: Contemporary Constrictor

I never know how I wind up on some of these mailing lists, but, once again, I got another monthly newsletter in my inbox. This time, however, I was impressed by what I saw. Nzuri Almasi sent over a press release introducing their Fall 2013 collection, which they’re calling the Contemporary Constrictor collection, and it’s packed with some pretty cool pieces. Falling perfectly in line with their reputation for “edgy essentials,” this line features a number of show-stopping garments constructed from genuine python skins.

These handcrafted pieces echo the essence of the python, embodying danger and a dark boldness, but packed with an undeniable beauty well-suited for the brand’s intentions of offering luxury apparel. The color palette is composed of black, grey, and whites, resulting in an achromatic line, which includes, but is not limited to, over-sized t-shirts, trousers, sweatshirts, and an awesome bomber jacket that I can’t wait to see in person. You can take a look at the collection in their recently-launched online store, NzuriAlmasi.com.

Contemporary Constrictor i

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