Kontrol Homme Report: The Men’s Shows x Fall 2014 – London

Once again, my favorite time of the year is here! London Menswear Fashion Week came to a conclusion earlier this week, but only after producing a large range of shows that offered a clear picture of what to expect next fall, from minimalist perfection to extravagant prints and dazzling colors. I haven’t even gotten through all of the shows yet, but the season’s trends are becoming clearer and clearer with each collection I see. I have a few favorites already and I’m excited to share them with you. Check out my top picks from London below and get ready for Milan Fashion Week, which kicks off on Saturday! We’ll begin today’s coverage with a look at Casely-Hayford.


The Casely-Hayford Fall 2014 collection took innovation to another level, blending the concepts of layering and fabric-blocking together to create what I’m calling “hybrid garments.” Merging blazers and coats together into “Frankenstein” fashion garbs, these show-stopping pieces lit up the runway in absolute splendor.  Looking past these jawdropping looks, the collection had a casual nature and blended sportswear and urban style in a creative and captivating way.

casley hayford

Kay Kwok

Kay Kwok took us on a futuristic, sci-fi adventure with their Fall 2014 collection. The show opened with out-of-this-world graphics that were print-blocked together to embellish the brand’s fresh take on traditional pieces, like lapel-less blazers and coats with asymmetrical architecture. Next, we saw large, flowing outerwear and moved into the finale pieces, which contained attention-grabbing visuals that stretched across the body from the neoprene tops all the way down to the bottoms.

kay kwok

E. Tautz

Filled with rich colors, stunning prints, and big-body outerwear, the E. Tautz collection was a pleasure to gaze through. My favorite element would have to be the symbol-printed outerwear and suits. The middle runway look is literally my favorite from the season so far. If the fall is going to be filled with looks like this, I can’t wait for these next 7 months to speed along. The collection also had some really invigorating colors jumping off the runway, many of which were brought to life further through metallic garments and color-blocked pieces. Very impressive collection.

e tautz

Bobby Abley

Close your eyes and imagine a [dark] Disney World with creatures lurking around corners and barbed wire fences all around. Now open your eyes and check out the Bobby Abley F14 collection. There was a boyish nature at heart, but it was tainted and painted black by the barbed wires, brains, ravens, and sarcastic messages printed throughout the line. The collection was filled with sportswear-inspired pieces that fell into a largely black, white, and grey color palette, but was softened with unexpected, but perfect pink and purple pastelles. I’d have to say the energy behind the garments is what captivated me the most. It was so much [fun] to look through and really got me excited for the entire season.

bobby abley

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