Kontrol Homme Radar: Spring 2014 Trends x All-Star Uniforms

We’re at the end of our journey and the final chapter in my Spring 2014 Trends Guide is definitely one of my favorites. We’ve taken a look at my top trends for SS14, from camos and florals (polar opposites, right?) to the amazing world of man bags. Now, it’s time to dive into a trend that’s been dominating the industry for the past few seasons and is continuing to take over as we move forward: athletic wear.

The influence of street and sport elements on the industry is so obvious right now. Lifestyles are shifting and people are embracing the “casual chic” nature of the moment. It’s all about balancing out comfort AND cool. Walk into any fast-fashion retailer right now and you’ll be inundated with varsity fonts, baseball jackets, jerseys, joggers, and sweatshirts! Not to mention the increased amount of businessmen embracing the [suit + trainers] look. It’s everywhere you can imagine. You might want to start getting your body right and tight if you haven’t already. Through all of the mesh fabrics, sleeveless numbers, and athletic shorts, you’ll be on full display. Take a look at how designers are getting their game on this spring.

[Hood by Air]

athletic wear

[Salvatore Ferragamo]



[Calvin Klein Collection]

athletic wear


athletic wear


athletic wear

[3.1 Phillip Lim]


[Christopher Shannon]

athletic wear

[Alexander Wang]

athletic wear


[Moncler Gamme Bleu]

[Shaun Samson]



[Kris Van Assche]


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