Kontrol Homme Radar: Trunk Club—Style at Your Footstep

Last week, I started a conversation on Kontrol Homme about taking your look to new heights with a little inspiration from Mad Men. That topic crossed my mind again tonight and I instantly thought about my own Don Draper—well, that’s what we call my buddy David Shapiro (he and John Hamm sort of favor one another, haha). Anyways, he recently left NYC to join the team at Trunk Club, an awesome men’s styling service based out of Chicago, and they know a thing or two about elevating a gentleman’s cool points.

Although they’re based in Chi-Town, they service the 48 states of the contiguous US and have built their brand around making sure each client looks and feels great with minimal effort on their part. For those of us who can’t head over for a fitting in their decked out showroom (I’m talking about their huge loft space with 17 fitting areas, complimentary drinks, rooftop access, ping-pong, and more…), you can take advantage of their expert know-how online. It’s a pretty easy process: you sign up by completing a quick style profile, then you’re matched with one of their skilled stylists (like my buddy Dave) who will select pieces that fit your style and body type, and they’ll send you the perfect trunk of merch based on your preferences.


trunk club

With more than 50 high-end brands in their assortment and an offering of custom suits and shirts, Trunk Club carries a pretty wide selection of premium men’s casual wear. And although the pieces are marked at luxury price points, ALL service-related aspects are [free] of charge, including the round-the-clock access to your personal stylist. You only pay for the clothing you keep, with free shipping and easy returns for all orders.


If you’re like me, having the privacy and convenience of trying on your pieces without feeling rushed is a great thing. And that luxe feeling of having a personal shopper is pretty nice too. Haha. And the best part is you never have to leave the comfort of your home.

So going back to our convo last week, what’s the next step in adding more of those gentlemanly elements to your wardrobe? You join the Club and have your wardrobe essentials waiting for you at your doorstep: Trunk Club.

trunk club

For any questions, give David a shout on Instagram: @day_shapiro

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