Kontrol Konversations: Redman & Amber Lashae!

Written By: Lauren Sims

There are many names that come to mind when you think about Hip Hop and its evolution. The name Redman is definitely one of the. This Newark native and Hip Hop sensation, has contributed to the musical landscape of the genre, and has even had a hand in the film industry as well. You may know him from the comedic hit “How High,” alongside his partner Method Man, or next to fellow rapper DMX, in the movie “Backstage”. The hit music producer has also performed and produced groundbreaking musical projects such as “Muddy Waters” , “Muddy Waters 2”, and his newest project “Mudface”. Aside from focusing his attention solely on music, film, and production, he’s also trying his hand at music management, and he even has an app out called “BlazeNow” which tells its users where the best marijuana dispensaries are in the city nearest them. Redman wears many hats, but states that his favorite hat above all to wear is his thinking cap!


Although the Hip-Hop sensation is a business man and natural born Newark hustler, he told us that the part of his career that he focuses on the most is “being the best dad he can be” to his five children. This boss is making moves everyday, and when we asked him what his next business moves were he told us, “I want to start an edible line for Medical Marijuana Industry… I also partner in a business called ‘Cannamark’ which is the first 100% all natural F.D.A. approved edible warning label) for edibles. Check us out at Cannamarkusa.com! I’m telling you I’ve got big things going on right now! Also, Method Man and I have an App called “BlazeNow” and you can download it to any phone. It tells you the hottest dispensary in the Country and a lot more… Muddy Waters 2 The Album! How High 2 The Movie! Black Out 3 The Album! 1000 VOLTS PROJECT [feat.] Dj JAYCEEOH! and Amber Lashae!”

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However, he says that he has ‘lots of goals to accomplish” and one of his biggest goals is to “own everything under the “RedMan Brand”. His talents go far beyond music and film though, as we’ve seen with is new artist that he’s managing, Amber Lashae, a talented singer/rapper born in Winston-Salem, NC and raised in Greenville, NC.

We got a chance to speak with Amber Lashae and got a chance to learn about her and her newfound fame. When asked how she got her start she told us this,

“I started singing the National Anthem at school sporting events and was asked to sing at the coliseum for the Arena Football team. In college I continued singing by being apart of a women’s accapella group called the “Assorted Chocolates!” That was alot of fun and  through harmony we formed an unbreakable sisterhood. After graduating with a degree in Political Science I took that leap of faith and moved to Atlanta, Ga. I performed music I had wriiten and recorded in my room around the city but having no ties in Atlanta wasn’t getting much further than that.”

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The songstress has always had a passion for music, but she didn’t take the leap until after she graduated college with her degree in Political Science, packed up her and daughters belongings and took what she calls “a complete leap of faith” at moved to Atlanta, GA. The singer said that she had no ties in the Atlanta area, but she worked hard on her music ad her writing, and later traveled to New Orleans, LA where she was signed to an independent label called “Hitz International”. After some self-exploration and networking, she returned to Atlanta guns ablaze, ready to give the world all she had. She told Kontrol, I am now working with super producers like Jaceeoh, Rodd da Blizz, goodguydez, Erick sermon, Nick fury, JBonkers, The Justice League, Wuntunmedia/Aftermath and Sly Pyper Jordan as well as the Elements just to name a few. We just released my first single “U Aint Ready” which is available for download on all digital music stores! I also have an upcoming Indie tour coming up at the end of the month and interviews lined up from state to state! Crazy thing is the journey is just the beginning!” and she couldn’t have been more accurate about where her career is headed, straight to the top from where we sit!

Lashae likens her music to the cereal, “Lucky Charms” because her world is very magical, and her music is “magically delicious!” As one of Redman’s artists, of course, there’s so many opportunities for her to be exposed to big names and big events, we asked her if she ever felt intimidated or out of place when she started working with bigger names, she told us, “It still blows my mind that I work directly with Redman and to even see other Icons like Faith Evans and Rah Digga share my content via their social media and to believe in my artistry is just a dream to me. Speaking with them personally and spending time with them reminds me though that they are only human… Down to earth individuals that were in my place at one point in time. I’ve always told myself and others that I am star even before the bright lights and I believe it. That is where my confidence lies. When I walk in a room or share a stage with big names in my mind my name is already just as big and as I said before you have to believe in yourself before anyone will!” Amber Lashae is truly a brave spirit and believes in the most important thing that any music artist must believe in when trying to establish a career in the music industry…herself!

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Both Redman and Amber Lashae have a plethora of things to look forward to, and their journey together is just beginning. However, when you look at how far the both of them have come, there’s no doubt at all that they will be making history in the music industry, and further changing the landscape of music everywhere.

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