#KontrolApproved Look of the Week: Jason Derulo Performance on Thanksgiving

Jason Derulo
Jason Derulo performs during halftime a the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings game Photo Credit: Gregory Shamus

Pop-singer Jason Derulo isn’t anywhere near at the top of anybody’s “favorites” list after his performance at the Detriot Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings Thanksgiving game. Dude totally fumbled the ball on this one and the fans made no effort to hide it.His performance not only received criticism nationally but was coupled with a full out Twitter assault. However, no one can deny that his outfit was pretty dope

Jason Derulo
Photo Credit: Gregory Shamus

At first glance, he looks like he’s wearing a simple black and white outfit, but the details are what make it amazing. Starting from the bottom, Jason is rocking black suede sneakers with thick white soles. These aren’t the usual type of sneaker that he likes to wear. He’s a little more flashy than that.

Moving on up, black slim fitted pants, with knee patches. He compliments the pants with an elongated long-sleeved shirt with a long neck. It almost looks like a turtleneck sweater but the structure tells the truth. There’s  small black and white graphic in the middle of the chest and white designs on the side.

The showpiece of this entire ensemble is his leather jacket. Modern by make and design the jacket consists of very interesting details. There are red and white spots, also white drawings of stars. Around the shell, random words are written in white like “quality”, “respect”, “together.” For the most part, it looks like he both a regular black leather jacket and paid an artist to trick it out; and if so, the artist did a hell of a great job.


Jason Derulo
Photo Credit: Gregory Shamus

At the game, he performed his hits “Watcha Say,” “Talk Dirty” and “Marry Me.” The last one is pretty ironic since his ex-girl, Jordan Sparks, is now married and pregnant. Wasn’t he the one who broke off that relationship and left her heartbroken? Guess, that’s another “L” to add to the list.

Most of the criticism from his performance point out the fact that he didn’t seem present. His dance moves were without feeling and his singing was mediocre. Also, no one took a liking to his effort of changing some of his lyrics for to fit the occasion. For example, instead of saying “talk dirty to me” he changed to lyrics to “talk turkey to me.” We know, very corny.

Despite the debacle that was his performance, we appreciate Jason at least getting his look on point. He’s come a very long way in his career, so it’ss important that even when he’s not acting like a star, he still looks like one.

Martel Sharpe

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