#KontrolKonversations Ricco Barrino Talks His Hit Record “California”, His Musical Influences and More

Singer/songwriter, Ricco Barrino, grew up in North Carolina with musical influences such as Prince, Al Green, The Temptations and Marvin Gaye just to name a few. Today, he is noted as one of the greatest vocalists of our time. Ricco began his musical career with songwriting and recently decided to jump on the main stage and share his talents.



Barrino is featured on one of the hottest songs that you, your mom and dad, or even your little sisters and brothers can jam to. The record is titled “California” by artist Colonel Loud, and it features Ricco Barrino, Young Dolph and T.I. Ricco stated that “the inspiration behind the record was about a vibe”. His entire movement is about good feelings and good vibrations. They did the record for people who have not been to California and wanted to be there to live the California lifestyle, which is carefree and positive.

I personally think that Ricco and Colonel Loud make great records together. Both artists are equally talented and Ricco’s new record “Come To The Money,” which features Colonel has been getting a lot of buzz in the streets. The song was Ricco’s idea and Colonel also has another record that features Ricco.

“With the ‘Come To The Money’ record I wrote it in the car on my way to Alabama. It’s almost like, you know that feeling you get on payday? It’s just like what am I going to do, what am I going to buy? I compared it to something like the sexual healing record where financially it feels good and you get that high. I compared the money to a girlfriend, as long as I have her it won’t let me down.”

Ricco has spent most of his time helping other artist with their records. He plans on dropping an EP in the near future, but has plenty of projects with different artist in the works. “I and Colonel Loud are working on an EP together and I’m working with another Carolina artist by the name of Tigo B, I’ve agreed to do an EP with him as well. We have a record that’s doing well on the radio called “Vibe.” That record was inspired by having the Carolina feeling. When you come to Carolina everything is just open and free. You know we have good food, good southern hospitality and just good people. Even if you go to the right clubs you’ll have a great vibe and so that’s why we named the record vibe.”

I’m almost certain that being in the music industry has its ups and downs. For some people it maybe too tough to handle, but for Ricco he gives some great advice for anyone who wants to pursue a career in music.

“Find your passion; a lot of people want to be artist and their lane might not be artistry it may be behind the scenes. You have so many artists coming out with a productive team; it’s almost like a manufacturer. It’s so much harder for you to stand out then it was back in the day. You would definitely want to know what your calling is really; secondly you want to be patient and persistent along with practicing your craft. Last but not least you want to pray and have faith that you’re going to manifest what’s in your mind.”

Aside from his music career, Ricco has a love for cars and he’s an extreme motorcycle head. When he’s not on the road, in the studio or writing songs he likes to enjoy his time off back home.

“I’m a very cool, laid back type of guy. Every now and then I hang out with more women than I do males. I think it’s because I think I’m a grandma’s boy, I like to see what’s on their brain which maybe inspiration on the next song I want to write. I also like live music spots.”

Although the music today is very different Ricco expressed his hopes on working with some of this generation’s most popular artist. He also plans on working with some of the hottest producers in the game.

“I would want to work with Young Thug, Drake, Lil Wayne, and John Legend. I’ve worked with a lot of great people but those are some that are on my wish list. As far as producing I’d want to work with Will.I.Am, Pharrell Williams. I’m slowly turning my audience to a bigger sound, bigger music. I’m turning my audience to where I can make a hit record with Pitbull or Flo-rida I think that’s kind of where I’m going.”

By Dominique D.

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