Kristin’s Kravings: Ray’s in The City!

I am always happy when I’m able to try out a new restaurant. And this time it was a nice lunch date with my sister, Crystal, at Ray’s in the City. A place that I pass quite often when I’m downtown Atlanta. I’ve wanted to eat here for years because I’ve always heard amazing things, so today was that day for me to see what all the hype was about.


As always, I like to start my experiences off with a nice cocktail. Today, I felt like a simple drink would start things off right, so Grey Goose and cranberry just is as simple as you can get, right? Get those taste buds ready for what I had in store.



Our meal started off with the New Orleans BBQ Shrimp. Its shrimp served in a BBQ butter with Boursin grits. It’s so different from your typical shrimp and grits. The Boursin grits are fried grits that I thought, at first site, was bread! It was so different…and I really love different. The BBQ butter had a slight kick of spice but fully packed with amazing flavor. (This is a MUST have!)



I love to have people try new things and my sister was my latest target. I love salads and this one is a little different than your average House Salad. It’s the Seaweed Salad! Fresh seaweed in a sweet vinaigrette dressing. My sister was surprised she liked it, but I knew she would because my taste buds know what they like! LOL.


My first cocktail was good, but before we could continue with our meal we had to order a nice, strong, yet sweet Lemon Drop Martini. Me personally I have to get it with a sugar rim!



Next up was the main courses of our meals, the Specialty Lobster Pasta and a Crunchy Roll. The Lobster Pasta was specialty pasta that was only available that day and cooked with mushroom, asparagus, and tomato in a cracked pepper Alfredo sauce. Every ingredient in this dish was calling my name and I’m glad I answered. The thick creamy sauce, with the freshly cooked lobster, and veggies definitely hit the spot.


If you are a “Kristin’s Kravings” fan, you know how much I LOVE sushi. So my meal wouldn’t have been complete if I didn’t have the Crunchy Roll (pictured above). The sushi at Ray’s in the City is hand rolled to order. So, it was fresh, flavorful, and yummy! Made with shrimp, crab, spicy mayo, and tempura flakes. I promise I could eat the Crunchy Roll every day if I was able to.

So if you’re looking for fresh seafood, prime cuts of meat, good sushi, and a nice upscale atmosphere to dine, visit Ray’s in the City, in downtown Atlanta. But for those who are not in the downtown Atlanta area, don’t worry, Ray’s Restaurants have four other locations: Ray’s on the River, Ray’s at Killer Creak, and Ray’s Rio Bravo. Visit their website at for more information. As always, when you go to enjoy the experience for yourself, tell them that Kristin from “Kristin’s Kravings” sent you.


Happy Eating!






Kristin Barney

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