Kurvy Alert: Plus Size Prom Season Is Here! YAY!

Kurvy Girls did & are still doing the damn thing for Prom Season!

Kurvy Prom
David’s Bridal

Two pieces, full length, off the shoulder…OH MY!

In the last few weeks you may have noticed random young people crossing the street looking like a million bucks and then some. I know I’ve been at several red lights recently and had to scramble for my camera, to take a pic (or two) of a dope gown or cute couple matching head to toe.

Kurvy Prom

Yep, it’s that time of year again where young girls get to stunt and earn extra likes on the gram (in a good way). Maybe it’s me, but this year the kiddies went all out and really put some thought in to it. I mean, let’s be honest, there was a point where David’s Bridal or Macy’s was your only option, but with YouTube and IG allowing designers to solicit clients in a whole new way, the creativity and sheer dopeness was all around!

Team Kurvy was no exception, there was no shame in their Kurvy game and these dresses were definitely contenders for “Best Dressed” (do they have that at prom?) and a few of these ladies had to have gone home with the crown.

Here are a few pf my fav’s. Feel free to tag us @kontrolmag #kontrolkurvyteam because the glam must be shared!

Later Beautiful Ones




Kurvy PromKurvy PromKurvy PromKurvy Prom

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