It Can Be Lonely At The Top: Why Female Bosses Need Love Too!


Strong women don’t need an introduction. They make their preference known as soon as they enter the  boardroom, or their home demanding a certain level of respect and professionalism.

Being a female boss isn’t all it’s cracked up to be at times. Trying to preserve your soft spot while demanding that you be treated fairly will always make it difficult for people to understand you. That’s why  female bosses need love too!


Two Caucasian woman in their office


It can be lonely at the top if nobody’s willing to challenge you. A Beta-Male just won’t cut it because he will never speak up to you. Realizing this early in the game will make life a lot easier. Transitioning from mom to housewife, to boss can be a bit much if your support system isn’t stable, so it’s vital that your man is one that can handle the pressures of life with you and be willing to carry some of the baggage.



Of course, it helps to come home to a home-cooked meal and bubble bath without having to fight for a moment of peace. A loving husband or companion can provide just that without you having to stress over routines.  Having someone to balance out the evening  after a hard day of work is ideal and a hard working woman can appreciate just that.


african american family prepping dinner


It’s not  easy dealing with rude and unappreciative colleagues and having no one to vent too.  We all know that work doesn’t end at the job. Most times female bosses are bringing their work home and cooking dinner while still wearing their work shirts and heels, or they’re busy letting the kids play with their laptops while they take a wail business call. It takes a real superwoman to be able to juggle it all, and most female bosses do it well.


professional woman cooking


Understanding these unique types of women that decided to put their careers first, then  have families can be very challenging but rewarding. They always have a solution to a problem, and will always be the first to tackle It head on. Having a girl boss as a partner will always put you ahead of the game, but the key  is to understand  them and their lifestyle before committing. They’re willing to juggle life and the job, they just need someone to lean on!


Happy African American family using laptop at home.


Written By: Tamara Butler

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