Love Coups: An Alternate Way of Gift Giving

Want a fun new way to do date night or incorporate a little fun into your relationship, or have a healthy icebreaker to a problem? Try Love Coups, a new way to gift your partner with the freedom to choose as he or she, please.  Those days of trying hard to impress her, or trying to be overly creative are over thanks to this little golden book of to do’s.


love coups

Love Coups will say everything you’re afraid to say. From those simple little I love you’s, to the kinky moments when you want to add a little spice to your relationship and role play, and even when you feel like skipping out on chores, with a simple tear of a coupon, it can happen in the blink of an eye.


love coups giveaway


With a little imagination, you can create the perfect personal space for you and your partner that has no restricts and allow you to be yourself. There are no excuses with these coupons. When you’re given a coupon, you have to oblige. There’s no way out of it but to agree to the terms and conditions and ultimately be a team player.


These coupons are tailored made to fit you and your partner, and the relationship and lifestyle  that you have. If you’re, anything like me, it’s hard to express exactly what you prefer from date to date and how your partner should respond to date night. Love coups make it easy and convenient.  You get to personally create you and your partner characters i.e. you and your partner and the fun doesn’t stop there. With several different categories ranging from Fitness, Dedication pages, Dining, Chores, Quality time, and Adult Fun.


love coups meditating together coupons


The adult fun  coupon may be the best way to ask for a little loving without actually asking,  or a simple way to say I love you. Its a perfect gift it you’re not great at communicating. We all  require a different  level of time and attention, so we have to make it easy to get it sometimes.


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Written By: Tamara Butler

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