Mack Wilds the Wildfire

Singer, songwriter, and actor, Mack Wilds has a lot on his plate to keep him full for the moment. He’s starring in VH1’s The Breaks, airing tonight, February 20th at 9pm EST, and he’s also starring alongside Sanaa Lathan in FOX’s Shots Fired, which airs March 22nd. As if appearing in two major series isn’t enough, he remains hungry for more, and will be dropping new music soon.


While on The Breakfast Club, the 27-year-old, couldn’t help but mention how excited he is to be filming a spinoff series, based off the VH1 2016 original film, The Breaks, saying,” VH1 actually trusted us with doing a whole season of it. It feels good. It feels really really dope.” The series chronicles the lives of three friends, trying to make it big in the Hip-Hop industry. Wilds says the difference between the movie and the series, is that the audience will get a better look at each of the characters. Wilds explained, “We didn’t steer too far away from what we started with. We expanded on it…You get to see deeper and see what Hip-Hop really was at the time, how gritty it was, how dirty it was, and how it turned into what it is today.”


Mack also spoke about his experience with portraying an African-American policeman in North Carolina, who’s involved with the death of two children, one black, one white, in the upcoming FOX series, Shots Fired. He said the preparation was hard for him especially during this trivial time in America, where lives have been taken at the hands of policemen. He recalls a day of filming, saying, “One of the days that I had to do the scene where the kid gets shot, was the day that Philando Castile was killed. I walk in, and I see my police uniform and automatically burst into tears.” Mack says he couldn’t go on set for two hours after that, and it took a heart-to-hearth conversation from producers to help him realize that the show has a bigger purpose and has the potential to spark change. “It’s definitely going to be a lesson learned.”


With an already busy schedule, Mack Wilds still managed to record his next music album. The release date is still to be determined but he says it’s titled After Hours because he spent most of his late nights recording and writing during his free time. “We finished the project, trying to figure out names and we named it After Hours because all of the music felt like and sounded like what that nighttime felt like. Text messages feel different at 2 a.m. Breakups feel different at 2 a.m. I wanted to see if I could encompass that in the project.”


Mack Wilds is showing no signs of stopping, you can catch him on The Breaks, Monday nights at 9 EST on VH1 and then on Shots Fired on FOX, beginning March 22nd.

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