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Marcella’s Sexxual Lava by Tanesha Hampton


Kontrol had the opportunity to speak with a new author of Marcella’s Sexxual Lava this past week (no that double x is not a typo but a hint at what the reader can expect on the inside of the pages).   The wonderful thing about books is that no matter the storyline, at some point and time on a page, an individual can find something to relate to. Depending on the level of sensation you desire when flipping a page, erotica books may be just for you.  Peep what the lovely author had to say!


Kontrol:  What was the most fun part of writing your novel?

Tanesha:  The funnest part about writing my book was playing out each scene in my head.  Sometimes I laughed, sometimes it made my temperature rise and there were times I had to take a break from writing to calm down.


Kontrol:  What do you want fans to take away from this book?

Tanesha: I want fans to allow their minds to be taken over by this book and to create a fire inside, making them want love, passion, romance and seduction if they don’t already have it.


To contact the author you can follow her on Twitter @Eroticloverr or via email at youngtanesha4@gmail.com . To purchase her book, please visit Amazon.