Metta World Peace And Family Allegedly Being Terrorized

Basketball player Metta World Peace and his family have been getting some unwanted attention lately. According to Metta, a woman by the name of Miesha Shakes has been threatening him and his family since 2015. Metta claims that Shakes started sending him disturbing emails back in 2015 which have escalated into threats.

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Metta states that through the email messages Shakes has threatened to attack his property and his children. Metta has had enough and recently went to LAPD to file a restraining order on his alleged stalker. According to TMZ Sports, Metta told LAPD that a “stranger” had been harassing him and his family via emails since 2015. Metta also stated that the emails contained violent threats, including one that read,

“I apologize in advance, I’m going out with a bang. This will be the worst thing to ever happen in Westwood. Call cops I’m ready.”

Also included in the violent emails were threats to attack Metta’s car, accusations of Metta raping women, and threats to attack Metta with a knife.

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According to court documents, Metta already feels that Shakes has already made good on some of her threats. Metta stated that a brick was thrown through a window in his building and that his car tires were slashed. Metta also stated to the court that Shakes physically attacked his 19-year-old daughter, and waited for his 13-year-old daughter after school. Metta asked the judge to keep Shakes “1 million” yards away from his family, home, workplace, children’s school, and Earth at all times. The judge agreed to only 100 yards and stated that they couldn’t do anything about keeping Shakes off Earth. A hearing has been scheduled for later this month. Metta insists that he does not know this woman, and has no idea why she has allegedly chosen his family as the target of her infatuation.

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So, what are your thoughts? Do you think Metta has actually never met this woman? Do you think she may be a scorned groupie? Let me know in the comments.


By Ronda Brooks

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