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Michael Kors says it’s time for glam-rock sneakers


Looks like Michael Kors is starting 2013 off with a big bang. Ladies it looks like there is a new shoe in town this is all  about mixing up the masculine and feminine. This January Michael Kors is launching his resort 2013 Glam-Rock Sneaker Collection.

Micheal Says “The sneakers is fashion sensibility instead of a sport sensibility. Cool, glamour and comfort — the right sneakers can have it all!”

I love this sneaker! Its urban-chic, super-glam, playful, and hell just plain HOT!  The shapes are sporty and classic — either high tops or trainers — but the fabrics and embellishments are bold and luxe. There are quilted leathers, burnished metallics and monogrammed canvas, all detailed with zippers, studs, chains and patent leather edging…they’re eye candy for your feet!

Every girl should have a pair of the Michael Kors Glam-Rock Sneakers! Prices starting at $110 amd up