Mixed Chicks Invites You To “Condition Your Hair For A Cause”

By: Kristen Barney

As if Mixed Chicks doesn’t already have some of the best products out, they hit us with a new one, Mixed Chick’s leave-in conditioner with the PINK cap! Mixed Chicks is inviting you to “Condition Your Hair For A Cause” benefitting Breast Cancer Awareness Month! For every purchase of a 10 oz. leave in conditioner  $1.00 is being donated to Save the Ta-Tas Foundation for breast cancer research.

No matter if your hair is kinky or curly you will experience, at some point, that frizz and unruly curls that are hard and sometimes “annoying” to tame! Well the Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner is the product is a “must have” in your everyday hair ritual! The conditioner is light, creamy, and actually smells really really good! It really does it’s job of taming, conditioning, defining, and leaving your hair curly, shiny, and flawless.

Now when you’re ready to throw those curls up, don’t forget to grab the new Mixed Chick’s Dent & Tangle-free Spring Bands. No matter if your hair is straight, curly, kinky, or in locks these bands with not pull out and tangle your hair. The bands come in bright, fun colors that will be sure to go with any outfit.

Be sure to visit www.mixedchicks.net to get all Mixed Chicks products!