Monica Responds To Brandy’s Shady Performance w/ Class!

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  Monica Delivers Class as Always Despite the Shade!

R&B songstress Monica Brown, is probably sitting back singing, “There must be a Full Moon, feels like one of those nights” or days shall we say.  Brandy couldn’t help but take what could have been an amazing, iconic moment and make it a little messy. The singer received the Lady of Soul award at the 2016 Soul Train Awards. However, her short performance has been tainted by seemingly throwing shade at Monica during her set.

Brandy performed a medley of hits from her career, including “Almost Doesn’t Count,” “I Wanna Be Down,” and “Top of the World,” which brought out Mase for a surprise appearance. She noticeably skipped over the classic “The Boy Is Mine” (which earned the singer her only Grammy), but not before she used the catchy intro as an interlude to “Talk About Our Love.”

Social media quickly noticed Brandy changed the lyrics to “Talk About Our Love” and believe Brandy intentionally threw shade at Monica.

“It’s always something / Talking ish again / Then ya whole fanbase jumps in / Now the whole gram’s buzzin”


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Brandy tossing shade at Monica ‘2016 Soul train Awards’


Monica took to Instagram to respond to Brandy’s shady performance in a classy way.

Monica responded to a fan’s comment about the situation, saying:

“Love that goes BOTH ways.. it’s disappointing to leave ICU and come to my page to see the foolishness of the 90s ever so present amongst BOTH groups . I will forever respect the legend she is & the history we created. All of you guys do the same ??She’s a vocal beast and we’re both great in our own right!! ??This is her moment. She earned and deserves it . No mention or @ of my name needed !!”

And there you have it.


from the Instagram desk of Monica Brown

Well said by Monica, at some point you have to grow up and let go of the past.

Brandy obtained an award for being Lady of Soul and let’s keep it like a “lady” and not stoop to petty levels. Both are amazing artist and singers and I’m glad to see that she held her ground as always!


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Monica Brown serving a kiss-filled look




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