Montana of 300 Slated to Release New Album in May

Fans of Chicago’s ‘Rap God’ are about to be in for a major treat! Rapper Montana of 300 is slated to drop his new album “Don’t Doubt the God” this month on the 20th. Montana has been building anticipation for his latest project and it’s almost time to give the people what they want.

Montana of 300 tweets about “Don’t Doubt the God”

The metaphor king has gained viral success with his surprise release of visuals and lyrical bars. His hit “Wifin’ You” from his “Fire in the Church” album is currently in heavy demand and numerous radio stations have been giving it airplay. So far the smash hit has proved to be one of the dopest thug love anthems of the Summer, similar to Lil Flip’s “Sunshine” back in the 2000s.

Montana of 300
Montana of 300

In 2008, Montana and his friend from high school, Talley, joined together to form the rap group “300”. The name for the group was based on the movie of the same name, in which a group of 300 Spartans overcome more than 300,000 Persian Soldiers to hold on to their territory. Montana was particularly inspired by the line, “No Surrender, No Retreat, Only the hard, only the strong, Against all odds”

Montana of 300 initially gained attention when his ‘Chiraq’ Remix went viral online. Since then, he has released an album every single year starting with ‘Cursed with a Blessing’ in 2014, ‘Gunz N Roses’ in 2015, a joint album with fellow FGE member Talley of 300. and his most recent project, ‘Fire in the Church which was released just last year. XXL Magazine boasted about ‘Fire in the Church’ saying:

“The 18-track body of work showcases Montana’s lyrical prowess, solid pen game and storytelling ability. Plus his use of metaphors are at its pinnacle.”

Who’s running to grab “Don’t Doubt the God” when it drops later this month?

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