Montina Cooper Talks Surviving Suicide Attempt, Working with Beyoncé and New Album!

You may know Montina Cooper from Beyoncé‘s background vocalists group, ‘The Mamas’; but there is so much more you need to know – starting with her new album coming out! After almost 13 years of singing with Beyoncé, Montina is branching back out as an individual artist and has just released her first album ‘Closer.’


‘Closer’ reflects on Montina’s journey through life and all that she has been through, as well as a beautiful and raw testimony of how God saved her (literally) in her single ‘You Saved Me.’ ‘You Saved Me’ was inspired by Montina’s trials through depression and being suicidal, stemming from her childhood when her father drove away and left them at just 12-years-old.

I was standing behind him shouting out his name and he saw me and I saw him and he drove off, and that feeling of abandonment really started the depression,” Montina tells Kontrol.

Montina visited several different doctors after her suicide attempt, but it wasn’t until one of them told her “baby, you are fine, just go to church and pray” that Montina was on her journey to a happier and healthier life. She tells us that not even two years passed after her experience, and she was sitting in a studio working on her music and signed to Mary J. Blige‘s. Montina says she knew then that God had other plans for her, to tell her story to others that need it; and she does just that with single, ‘You Saved Me.’

Montina is currently juggling her album release and touring with The Mamas on Beyoncé’s Formation Tour. Too much on her plate? Not even! The singer tells Kontrol she would rather be experiencing her album release while on tour than not; and says touring with Beyoncé is actually a help as opposed to a hindrance.


Watching her work and watching her be the human being that she is, that constantly keeps me encouraged and makes me want to be great. From her giving of herself to her philanthropy she’s just an amazing person,” Says Montina about Beyoncé.


Montina, herself, is an amazing individual with an incredible story and talent, who is living out her purpose here on earth to help others that may be going through similar struggles as the ones she faced. She shares, “aI think that all people who are suicidal or depressed, they think they don’t matter, and I just want to tell them that – you matter and that I see you, or that your loved ones, they see you. You matter, you’re important.

Montina Cooper is truly an inspiration, and if you haven’t already checked out her new music, head over to iTunes now – You won’t regret it!


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