Moses Mbai- Millennial Leader Creates Equality Scholarship

Moses Mbai – The Millennial Leader & His Fight for equality.

Moses Mbai

Very seldom we come across the positive image of an African America male in his mid 20s.Handsome, smart and redefining what it means to be a millennial is only the basics. On the occasions we do stumble across great leaders, we celebrate them. Meet Moses Mbai. A modern day leader with a huge story.

His Story –

Moses Mbai a senior at Texas Southern University, is originally from Arlington, TX. The son of Joseph Mbai and Angelia Hepburn, Moses has three siblings making him the middle child. With a passion to break barriers Moses journey started early on. Moses became the first write-in candidate to ever win the title of Mr. Texas Southern University. Moses chose Texas Southern University because of the prestigious Jesse H Jones School of Business. So inspired by his schools accolades, Moses decided to purse a degree in Business Management. He received the honor of being inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma. BGS, a business honor society recognizes excellence in accredited business institutions. Moses is currently an honor student being a three-time dean list recipient in 2017 that will make his fourth consecutive year straight.

What’s Next ?

After receiving his bachelor’s degree from TSU, Moses plans on attending University of Arlington. There Moses will obtain his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in General & Strategic Management.

“When I graduate, I pray I have inspired at least one student to never be defined by the odds. Always fight for what you want and never stop till it’s done.”

Moses plans to continue breaking barriers, making history and setting examples for men and women all over.

Fight For Equailty

Moses MbaiIf an already impressive background wasn’t enough, Moses has decided to launch The Moses Mbai Equality Scholarship. Moses is leaving a legacy at Texas Southern University and deemed it’s the first of its kind. With his selflessness at the forefront and humility aiding the fight, Moses is determined to let it be known that he stands for the equality of all.

The Scholarship

The Moses Mbai Equality Scholarship was created to support students who identify as LGBT or who have demonstrated courage in the face of adversity and discrimination. The scholarship is an effort to further LGBTQIA equality and inspire others to act. Because of his passion, Moses wants to not only acknowledge his community but give back. The inspiration for the Scholarship came about because of lack of inclusivity the LGBT community had on campus. There was no scholarship created for LGBT students and that prompted Moses to be proactive and create one of his own.

Follow Moses and His Journey

Moses Mbai-

There is something special about seeing black male men set the tone for the future.To learn more about Moses and the Equality Scholarship you can find Moses on Instagram at @Feelinglikemoses91. Moses will present details of the scholarship at “Connections and Cocktails” in Houston, Texas. An event tailored to millennials and their influence on today’s society.

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