Ms. Independent Need A Man Too!

Ms. Independent need a man too, and that’s not shade, it’s just stating facts. We all know that women can get the job done, but there takes a special kind of man to realize that and still do it himself, but that’s only if she allows him to do so.


Every woman is different and has a diverse set of values and standards, and that’s to be expected because each of us was raised differently. Some women were taught to never rely on a man for anything, while others were taught that the man should be the breadwinner and take care of his family.


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No matter how you were raised, ultimate each woman must have decided how they will live their life in regards to love and career. Most millennia’s are focusing on education and leaving love on the back burner for another day because, to be frank, “Your education won’t wake up one morning and decide that it longer longer loves you.”


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That’s not to say that you can’t have both. Plenty women have been blessed to enjoy the best of both worlds, but a lot of women are forced to choose. Leveling up in business or your career can be very intimidating to a man that doesn’t have the same type of enterprising spirit as you. It doesn’t mean that he’ll be jealous, but men are known to be a bit envious of a woman that brings more to the table than him.


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An independent woman won’t be intimidating to a man that can appreciate a woman that’s willing to work equally as hard as him in a relationship without taking all the credit. Women need and require the same level of love and support as men no matter how independent she might be. If a man can accept a woman full of her glory, then he knows just how valuable he is to her team!


Written By: Tamara Butler

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